10 Inspirational Travel Quotes Which Will Incite you to travel!


Don’t let dreams stay dreams!

Dream beyond the material world.
Dream of travelling.

Travelling is that one thing which will give you a happy memory to cherish, all your life.
It doesn’t matter where you go, how you go, with whom you go as long as you’re content on the go.

Let your heart open to the world full of mysteries, let your mind soak new experiences. Let yourself travel

These travel quotes will make you wonder, they will incite you to go where your heart wants to, beyond all odds.

#1 A journey without destination will make sure you reach where you belong.



#2 A wonderful journey is calling, Pick up!



#3 Who doesn’t like to get richer? 😉



#4 Travel, for it gets you all that is good for you.



#5 Let’s stop taking life so seriously… We all deserve to make the most of it.



#6 Get off the shore!


#7 Travel with the one you love, it will grow your relationship so much stronger.



#8 Travel while there still a chance to, travel while you’re young and capable.


#9 It doesn’t matter where you go as long as you go. :)



#10 And remember, never stop exploring. The world has a lot to show, make sure you got the eye for it.



I hope you’ll find the time to follow your dream destination.

Love, laugh, Travel!


Learn How To Make An Instagram Friendly Chocolate Milkshake

Who doesn’t love chocolate milkshake?

It’s that one drink nobody can say no to. Am I right or am I right?

Well, I was home alone on a Sunday afternoon and when my routine tea didn’t turn up. I had to drink something.
I must have visited my kitchen 10-15 times, wondering what to make!

Then finally, out of blue, When I opened the top drawer of the shelf I saw Hershey’s cocoa powder. And bazinga! The idea to make a chocolate milkshake hit me.

I got so excited, that 10 minutes later the milkshake was ready and sitting on my coffee table looking as scrumptious as possible!

Oh The Foam!

I can’t express the beauty in words. So here’s how it looked-


Is it not an eye candy?!

Here is the recipe-

So, stop ogling at the pictures and make one for yourself!

Here are the ingredients and things you will need-


(That’s some poorly done Photoshop. Hey! I’m learning!)

And of course, A glass to serve yourself this beauty in!

So let’s begin,

Take a deep vessel, pour a glass of milk in it. Now, one by one add all the ingredients with as much quantity as you like.

As for me,

To a glass of milk I added 1 tbsp of coffee powder, 2 tbsp of cocoa powder and 2 and a half tbsp of sugar.

You can use either brown sugar or white sugar, depending on your preference and availability. Also, add sugar as per the sweetness you would like.

Next step is my favourite!

Switch on the blender and slowly mix this together. Increase the speed after about 30 seconds to full, and your drink will start foaming up.

One tip: when you’re done, switch the blender off! I accidentally left it on and my drink spilled over as I lost control of the blender :(

So, to avoid this, you must switch off the blender! :)

Depending on how many people you want to make this drink for, you can increase the quantity.

I hope you enjoy my version of an Instagram friendly milkshake! :*

Do let me know how much you like it!

–Eat what you love–


This Quick & Easy sandwich recipe will definitely give you a #Foodgasm!

Look what I made last weekend!

A Sandwich!!


You must know that this recipe has a lot of unhealthiness loaded.

Butter, Cheese Spread, Cheese, it has it all.

But, if you love cheese and cannot live without it, then you must try this one!

It’s so so so so SO delectable.

I haven’t added any drama to this homemade Sandwich.
It’s my substitute for Maggie, thus, the recipe is minimalist!

So, let’s get this started.

You will need the following to start with:

  • Bread Slices (Brown or White. I used brown bread)
  • Cheese Slices (Amul)
  • Cheese Spread (Amul)
  • Butter (Amul)
  • (Yeah, I’m loyal like that! GO AMUL!! )
  • Sliced Onion and Capsicum
  • A grater
  • One Butter Knife
  • Pepper, Chili Flakes and Salt
  • A toaster and few plates.

To make this easy and delicious sandwich recipe, you can start with what you do the best- buttering!

But, this time butter the breads, not you know who!

Once you done buttering all four sides of the bread, apply cheese spread on the sides facing upwards, on both the breads.

On one of the bread, place the onion and capsicum filling.

Sprinkle this filling with a pinch of salt, pepper & chili flakes as per
your liking.


Optional Step (Also Unhealthy!) –
Take a dallop of cheese spread and butter and add it over this filling!
It will taste amazing! It will also add avoidable calories to your Sandwich.

So, once all this is done, grate cheese over the filling.
Place the second bread on top of this and put this deliciously cheesy
Sandwich in the hand griller!

Grill it for 3 to 4 minutes, each side, on low flame.

Plate it, then cut it to see some tantalizing cheese ooze out!


Wasn’t it a super easy to make sandwich recipe? Do let me know how it turns out for you!


Diveagar- The road less travelled!

To my astonishment, not many people in India are aware of this alluring beach-


To be honest, I was unfamiliar with this beach too, until a very dear friend told me about it. We were looking for a place to go on the long weekend of May’15, and that’s when he said out of the blue ‘Let’s go to Diveagar.’

I had no idea what the place was, never even heard of it, none of my friends had either.

So, I Googled about it.

Went straight to images, like all good travellers do 😉

And this is what I saw on Google-



I instantly fell in love with this beach and without any skirmish agreed to go there.

(Well, I did act a bit difficult, but that was before I Googled about the beach.)

I read a lot of reviews about Diveagar, people saying how beautiful, peaceful the beach was. The journey made me agree with them, entirely.

My friend asked me to tell him about my experience of Diveagar in three words. I ended up saying-

Alluring. Serene. Picturesque.

This is exactly what I think of Diveagar, now that I visited this heavenly beach.

Diveagar is located in the Shrivardhan Taluka, Raigad district, in the state of Maharashtra. I will not get into the history and geography about Diveagar, you can read all about it on the Wikipedia page of this serene beach.

So, intrinsically Diveagar is a vast beach, with lots of trees which I like to call the ‘Seattle Trees.’

I have seen a lot of movies which surrounded around Seattle and I’m a big fan of the trees there. They are tall, thick, and a lot greener than what I see here in Mumbai. So, when I saw the Seattle trees in Diveagar, I got all excited and started yelling ‘OMG!! Look Seattle Trees!!!’

Lamentably for me, none of my friends got it, and thought I had already lost my mind.

FYI, the trees are actually called Casuarina Trees.

There are a lot of activities you can do at Diveagar, allowing you to make the most of your time there.

Activities like- Parasailing, Banana Ride, ATV ride, Horse riding, Camel Riding and Speedboat riding.

As for me, I did the swimming! Took my first swimming lesson in my entire life. And I loved it! Absolutely, divinely in love with the idea of swimming!

We stayed at a cottage called Patil.

Yes! Because it had my family name 😉

But there are so many more. There’s this resort called Exotica, you will have to book in advance if you want to stay there. Or you can book once you’re there and pay a whooping INR11K for a room for 24 hours!

That’s what they were charging us.

Brands I tell you!

There are these tiny row houses and bungalows, where you can rent a room for about 1500 to 2000 for a day.

At Patil, we were charged 4000 for two rooms (Non AC :( ).

But, I highly recommend Patil’s cottage as the people working there are very genuine and will help you with whatever you need.

And I mean everything. 😉

You will not find any alcohol shop in Diveagar. That’s when we realized how important Patil’s employees were. They helped us with the address to the beer shop at a nearby village called Borli, which was about half an hour away from where we stayed.

Now, not everybody is dear enough to lend us space in their refrigerators, are they?

But at Patil’s we were giving an entire freezer to keep the beer bottles chilled. This sure made my friends journey.

The bungalows where you can get a room may not provide you with food. There are two very popular homemade food joints in Diveagar, where you can eat till your hearts’ content.

One of it is Rane and another one is Patil.

They both charge around INR 180 to INR 200 per plate with unlimited curry and rice. I ate at both these places and the food there is delicious. Real Marathi food.

We spent the rest of the day gossiping, clicking selfies, swimming, playing in the water, collecting shells and eating stuff that people eat in summer. Ice Popsicles!!

If given a chance I would go back to Diveagar at this very instance. There is so much to a beach than words can explain. There were so many people, families, group of friends, out there in the summer, enjoying the sun and the sea together.

My friends and I did the same.

We did what we do best. Enjoy.

From mesmerizing food to picturesque journey, Diveagar has it all for you!

A 6 hour journey may seem frantic, but when that journey ends, you enter paradise. And all your weariness is taken away by the view and the adventures that lie ahead.

The white water beach of Diveagar is so enticing that you will want to change into your swimsuits the moment you see the wave’s wave.

On the 2nd of May, we reached there by 12pm and all we did all the touristy activities possible the rest of the day.

The next day was even better, as we went for a swim early in the morning and I had my first swimming lesson.

I ain’t exaggerating, but I think am close to being called a pro now. 😛

The place is so serene and exquisite, and vast, that even after all the rooms being booked and everything, the beach was derelict, making it tranquil.

There was a hill, and we wanted to go hiking there, but time constraint held us back. I promised that hill that I will come back for it. Someday, I will.

The swimming is what got me the most. Oh the feeling. Every time my thoughts lead to chaos, I think of the feeling I got in the middle of the sea. The waves brushing past me. The sun shining down on me. My friends. The sand. The way my feet felt on the sand. The Shells. The food. That Night of Gossiping. And that’s what calms me down these days.

As I look back, I wonder how I forced myself to come back to Mumbai. From that dream land to this reality. Not so brutal, but not as fun as Diveagar.

The entire trip did not cost us more than 4000 each.

I would recommend you all to go visit this serene destination. Sooner than later. Before it commercializes. Go!

Here are some of my pictures from the beach of Diveagar-













D12 D13



Isn’t this what you would call a perfect vacation? 😉