Guide To South Goa | How to go, where to go and where to eat in South Goa?

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A travel guide to help you discover the best of South Goa. This Guide to South Goa is all you need to explore the best of this serene destination. 

South Goa is the best part of Goa. It’s like how North Goa was decades ago, secluded beaches and abundant nature. Some people say South Goa is ‘under-developed’. Well, that’s the beauty of it.

Are you looking to rejuvenate, gulp down beers and relish Goan cuisine? It’s South Goa you’re looking for!

Find out below places to be in South Goa, how to get there, where to shop, where to eat, how to travel around South Goa and much more in the guide below.


 How to get to South Goa?

Landed at Goa International Airport / Karmali Railway Station?

Goa Airport

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Here’s how to get to South Goa:

South Goa from Goa airport & Karmali Railway Station is about 1hr 30 minutes away.

To get to South Goa from here you can

– Hire a taxi from or around the Goa airport / Karmali Railway Station. It will cost you around INR 1500-2000.

– Board a bus from in front of the airport/railway station to Kadamba Bus Station. From Kadamba Bus Station, you need to hire another bus, which goes directly to Panjim. From Panjim you will get a bus to your South Goa destination easily. This entire journey will cost you around INR 300-500.

– Rent a bike in Vasco. You can hire the bike for your entire vacation and return it on your last day. In Vasco, the bike charges will be anywhere between INR 300-500. Bikes will help you travel around Goa much easily.


Got down at Madgaon Railway Station?

Here’s how to get to your destination:

Madgaon Railway Station will probably be very close to your destination in South Goa. Thus, you will have all the travel options easily available.

To get to South Goa from here you can

– Hire a taxi / rickshaw. They will charge you anywhere between INR 800-1200.

– Rent a bike for your entire vacation. Bike will cost you around INR 250-300 per day.

– Take a bus and then a rickshaw. Bus may not be able to drop you in front of your hotel, but it will take you closer to your destination. Then you can hire a rickshaw, which will be cheaper. This will cost you anywhere between INR 250-500.


Where can you stay in South Goa?


South Goa is huge and every place has something to offer. You can select your destination based on what you would like to do/see. Below is a short cheat plan to help you decide where to stay in South Goa.

Good food + Clean, lonely beaches + Away from the city = Canacona

Chic shacks + Clean beaches and lot of tourists + Romantic getaway = Cavelossim

Closer to the airport / railway station + City like atmosphere = Bogmalo

Wildlife + Abundant Nature = Sanguem


Below I’ve mentioned few stay options for all the above destinations:



Airbnb is your best bet for Canacona. We stayed in a Bungalow, which had a beach as its backyard. It was crazy good!

Stay will cost you INR 1500 and above per night in Canacona. Check out some of the below options:


Eco friendly AC hut Mars:

Click here to book. | INR 3600/night


Studio Apartment A w/River View near Talpona Beach:

Click here to book. | INR 2000/night


AC Riverfront 2 BD Apartment Talpona/Patnem beach:

Click here to book. | INR 3950/night



You will be spoilt for choice here. There are so many beautiful hotels, it’s going to be a task to settle down on one. Check out the few of them below:


Karma Royal Haathi Mahal:

Click here to book. | INR 5723/night


Holiday Inn Resort Goa:

Click here to book. | INR 8500/night


Jacks Place

Click here to book. | INR 2500/night


The Leela, Goa

Click here to book. | INR 18000/night



Hotels and destination is perfect for corporate visits. With little to see, you can finish that and then relax in your hotel swimming pool when in Bogmalo. Check out the below options:


Bogmallo Beach Resort:

Click here to book. | INR 6500/night


Beach Bay Cottages:

Click here to book. | INR 3500/night


Devasthali – The Valley Of Gods:

Click here to book. | INR 3200/night



Who wouldn’t want to stay in hotels surrounded by nature? In Sanguem, you will find the calmest stays. Check few options below:


Dudhsagar Farmstay:

Click here to book. | INR 2400/night


Villa Romilla:

Click here to book. | INR 6000/night


Casa De Xanti:

Click here to book. | INR 5000/night


Mangal Homestay:

Click here to Inquire.


Must visit beaches in South Goa

Colva Beach:

The most celebrated beaches of South Goa has to be Colva beach. The coconut trees flank the scenery and are a delight to look at. The Menino Jesus statue has to be visited when at Colva beach; it’s a famous landmark sculpture. 


Where to eat?

– Sandpat Beach Shack

– Colva Beach Resort

– Leda Lounge and Restaurant

– Mickey’s Restaurant


Cavelossim Beach:

White sands, pretty shacks and super clean beach is what makes Cavelossim Beach a traveller’s favourite destination in South Goa.

Sunbathing, dolphin spotting, swimming, enjoying outdoor sports across the beach, and water sports are some fun activities you can indulge in at Cavelossim beach.  


Where to eat?

  • Dom’s Beach Shack
  • Mike’s Place
  • Hotel Kinara

(My go-to place to eat was Hotel Kinara. They served fresh seafood and paired it with good music and even better alcohol. All hail Cashew-Feni!)


Cola Beach:

The rock, lonely road to Cola Beach might make you reconsider your decision of visiting the beach, but it’s worth it. Cola beach is one of the rare and most cherished beach of Goa. It offers travellers the most soothing surroundings, as the location is hidden from the mainstream view.

Clean, quiet and dreamy, Cola beach hosts a hidden gem – the blue lagoon.

The lagoon is surrounded by tall, beautiful palm trees. One can’t help but get lost in the mesmerising beauty of this place. Tourists enjoy swimming and kayaking in this blue water lagoon as much as the sea.


Where to eat?

Krishna Paradise Beach Resort


Agonda Beach:

Oh, such a beautiful beach!

Clear blue water, small serene lagoon, coconut trees and majestic rocks makes this beach a nature lover’s paradise. If you’re looking to get away from the hustle-bustle of tourists and enjoy a quiet beach, this one is for you.

Agonda beach is extremely popular as the nesting ground of olive ridley sea turtles.

It’s advised to not go swimming and surfing at Agonda Beach as the water is too choppy during high tides. Nevertheless, you can enjoy this romantic beach during low tides to the fullest.


Where to eat?

  • White Sand Restaurant
  • Blue Planet Cafe
  • La Dolce Vita
  • Fatima’s Corner


Butterfly Beach:

Butterfly beach, also known as the honeymoon beach, is the most secluded beaches of Goa. Why? Because it’s difficult / impossible to reach this beach by foot. It’s surrounded by a thick dense forest on one side, and a vast sea on the other, making it a private spot for visitors.

Then how do we reach Butterfly beach? Well, you can hire a boat from Palolem Beach and Agonda beach to visit Butterfly beach.

This is a perfect spot for picnic, so plan your day accordingly. Visit this beach around sunset as it offers a magnificent sight of the same. Some wine and light romantic music is all you will need to make the most of butterfly beach. If you’re lucky, you will spot Dolphins too! 😉


Where to eat?

There are no shacks on Butterfly beach. You can enjoy delicious meals at Palolem beach.


Galgibaga Beach:

Yet another beach with yet another beautiful lagoon. Clear waters, silver sandy beach surrounded by coconut trees and beautiful rocks makes Galgibaga beach one of the most beautiful beach in Goa.

Olive Ridley turtles visit the Galgibaga beach to use it as a nesting ground. This is a rare sight and if you get to see it, consider yourself to be super lucky.

Looking for the most charming place to visit in old Goa? Then consider it to be found!

Galgibaga beach is at its natural best and is termed as one of the most cleanest beaches of India.


Where to eat?

  • Deepshika Restaurant


Palolem Beach:

The most happening beach of South Goa. You will find everything you need at this touristy beach. Palolem beach is a gateway to good food, best water sports and even better natural views.

On visiting the beach, you will spot rows of boats. You can hire these to go to Butterfly beach to enjoy Dolphin spotting.

Palolem beach gained popularity due to its white sand and serene views. This is by far the most touristy beach of South Goa. Don’t worry, it’s worth your visit!


Where to eat?

  • Magic Italy Authentic Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
  • Dropadi Bar & Restaurant
  • Cafe Del Mar
  • Hi-Tide Coco Huts
  • Havana Cuba Bar & Restaurant


Mobor Beach:

As fancy as it can get, Mobor beach is equipped with bars, discos, casinos, fancy eateries and much more. Mobor beach is an extension of Cavelossim Beach and leads to Betul beach. The cool white sand and luxurious restaurants and guests, makes Mobor beach a favourite amongst all tourists.
Mobor beach also offers tourists the opportunity to engage in some of the more exclusive water activities like underwater fishing and oyster catching.


Where to eat?

  • Sam’s Beach Shack
  • Betty’s Place
  • The Fisherman’s Wharf


Betul Beach:

Located alongside Mobor beach, Betul beach has 2 entries. One that leads to this white sandy beach and other which leads to its small lagoon.

Betul beach is famous for fishing and you will often find tourists and locals fishing before sundown. Some locals claim the lagoon is the best spot for Dolphin Spotting and one can easily spot them during sunsets.


Where to eat?

  • Shalraya Bar and Restaurant
  • Super Bar and Restaurant
  • Centre Bar and Restaurant


Benaulim Beach:

Ideal destination for sun lovers, Benaulim beach is believed to be the most enchanting beaches in Goa.

One can indulge in adventure activities like boat rides, parasailing, jet skiing and windsurfing.


Where to eat?

– Rafaels Beach Shack

– Johncy Bar & Restaurant

– Royal Goan Beach Club

– Lotus Resort Benaulim.


Where to shop in South Goa?

There are not as many shops in South Goa as North Goa. But, Palolem, Panjim, and Margao Market are perfect to shop for souvenirs.


Palolem Beach Market:

With reasonably priced stuff, you should not think twice before letting the shopaholic in you lose. You will find a mix of home decor, clothing, accessories, souvenirs and much more in this market.

The market is arranged keeping in mind the tourists and the hippie culture. Thus, it will not leave you disappointed.


Panjim Market:

When in Panjim, do all your shopping at Panjim Market. It’s ‘the’ place for cheap alcohol, salted cashews and all things pretty. Be it souvenirs or local decor items, you will get the best items here. It’s priced a bit on the higher side but bargaining sure helps.

When in Panjim Market, do visit Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception Panjim.


Margao Municipal Market:

Are you a compulsive shopper? Then Margao Municipal Market is where you should be shopping. You will get the best experience of street shopping for handicrafts, artefacts and more.

The friendliness of the shopkeepers makes this place an instant hit amongst tourists.




Need more information? Then drop a comment and we will get right back at you! :)


Do let me know how did you like the blog. Hope it helps! :)

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