Sula Selections - Globe In A Glass

Sula Selections – Globe In A Glass

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The Night of Sula Selections - Globe In A Glass

A night to remember!


Last Friday night couldn't have been any better. #GlobeInAGlass, a brilliant marketing move by Rajeev Samant, Founder Sula Wines, and his outstanding team. They together brought a fun element to wine drinking by turning it into an energetic celebration. The event was packed with music, dance, delectable food, and believe us - wine tourism! Yes, we had over 40 different wines, and 20 spirits from around the world. Thus, the event being aptly named #GlobeInAGlass!


It was one crowded day, as the wine lovers gathered at Sofitel from noon to midnight! As I entered the grounds of the event, we were greeted by such cheerful souls, already drunk on happiness. Sula vineyards made sure that everyone had a great time, and found out a little more about wine. The live music was cherry on top, or should I say 'coldest wine one could find'! The evening was filled with interesting conversations about wines, how did a particular brand landed in India, how lovely every wine at the fest tasted, and more. I assure you, I never thought a wine evening would be this fun. 


As you can imagine, it was one massive exhibition with a huge number of brands showcasing their wines, and liquors. Experts from all over the world – Brazil, Argentina, France, all were there keen to explain to us what's the speciality of their wine, how did it land in India, and why we must try it.


Let's talk about the liquor!

Brands at #GlobeInAGlass

Three things I can't get over from #GlobeInAGlass


Words can't justify how sensational each of the drinks I had on Friday night were! Still, if I have to pick favourites, it would be - Pitu Cachaca | Beachcomber by Cointreau| Cono Sur | Remy Martin - Grand Tonic | Sambuca |


Variety of cheese, delectable finger food, is the best way to go about sipping your wine! Sula Vineyard played it's cards right, by putting nothing but the best in front of us.

Live Music & lively conversations

Well, who doesn't enjoy a live band playing? The music at Sula Selections Roadshow 2016 was soul satisfying. The conversations with everyone who attended the event was second to none. I would definitely visit any event by Sula, a thousand times over.


What do you think of Sula Selections - #GlobeInAGlass?


Celebrate All that’s Left of the Mango Season!

So, it’s that time of the year, when we get to savour the luscious and juicy Mango. Aptly called the ‘King of Fruits’, our Mango mania is what makes the summers acceptable! Mango, in Mumbai is no less than a celebrity; it makes headlines upon its arrival.

Mango delights us every time because there’s so much we can do with them. After all, how many food items stand tall on taste and nutrition, both! If I listen to my whims and fancies, I’d add Mango juice even to my cup of tea! Wait – Google tells me that’s a possibility – How cool is that!!

From the trees, to the hands of the chefs in the restaurants of Mumbai, every Mango has a story; not to mention the joy these chefs get, when they put in their creativity to dish out an innovative Mango dessert. Move over from the Shakes, Aamras, Pannas, and ice-creams, it’s time that you taste the royalty of Mango with a sprinkle of novelty.

Since the season of the king of fruits has already set in, and about to end, you should definitely visit these places to truly celebrate your love for Mango, in Mumbai.

Indulge till the season lasts!




Mango in Mumbai


Sushi lovers will drool at this! Let your Mango maniac taste buds rejoice with the combination of fresh tuna enclosed in paper-thin sheet of tempura, with juicy mangoes at the top. This dish promises a burst of flavours with every bite – sweet Mango, spicy mayonnaise and tangy Yuzu honey, each of them will play a different tune on your tongue.




Mango in Mumbai


Alfie is a total Mango delight – a moderate body brew with the tang of mango and a fruity aroma is sure to win hearts and cool you down. The White Owl Brewery and Bistro is known for its experimental cuisines, and Alfie, the Mango Ale is a must have.






BlueFROG’s Indian Summer will entice you with its bright yellow colour. Shake off the summer heat with the most popular drink at Blue Frog. This Vodka cocktail laced with fresh mangoes, mint and lime juice adds a delicious spicy kick with each sip. This icy cool, refreshing Mango delight shouldn’t be missed out.






With soaring temperature, one can beat the heat with a glass of chilled Lassi, it can even cool down the scorching sun! Now imagine the flavour of Mango mixed with a concoction of whipped curd and sugar – that’s Mango Lassi for you. The best place in Mumbai to have it is Kailash Mandir; this place is constantly crowded and the delicious Lassi is the reason.






Sweet, cool, and refreshing, this drink is a perfect combo! Cure your Mango mania with the icy infusion of green Mango and fresh Mint. Feeling the chill, are you?




Mango in Mumbai


This Thai Speciality is a must have for people who have a sweet tooth. For starters, this tops the chart for being a chef’s creative excellence, and with each bite you’ll wonder if there can be a Mango dessert better than this, in the whole wide world. Mango Sticky Rice is a delectable combination of Mango and Sticky Rice topped with ginger scented, homemade toasted tahini. The sides served with are bizarre, but appetising. Sesame shortbread, fresh and ripe Mango, dehydrated milk cracker, coconut ice cream, lemon curd and the magical passion fruit. You have to eat it to believe it!






Those who are weight-watching can enjoy the flavour of Mango in Mumbai in this fresh salad; this will satisfy you without any guilt, and add a boost to your Mango mania. Dig this bowl of green happily and let your mouth fantasise the upheaval of sweet and salty flavours blended with juicy alphonso mangoes and fleshy crabs.






Shout out to our meat-eating friends: the basa or grilled chicken here is seasoned beautifully with six-pepper blend, displays some serious culinary flair. With a dish so appealing, we daresay even our vegetarian readers may be tempted to let their defences down!

If you are bored of the simple grilled chicken, or Basa fish, you should definitely give this a try. Not only delectable, this is a culinary masterpiece – a perfect example of beauty and taste! With every bite you will relish the rainbow of spices; the meat is grilled to perfection and glazed with habanero mango and decorated with chopped pieces of ripe mango, cilantro, diced avocado, and homemade pico de gallo.






Who doesn’t love Mango shake? And if you are tired of making it at home, you should head to Chowpatty and try this one. The frothy and creamy, yet light, mango milkshake will transport you to heaven in an instant!






This recipe by Chef Karishma Dalal is bliss for all saccharine lovers. Buckwheat crepes layered with syrupy sweet Mango compote with a hint of cinnamon is a pleasure to the palette. This is an absolute Mango delight, and will captivate your senses to the core.






The Sassy Spoon has reinvented and welcomed the Mango in Mumbai in a beautiful and delicious way. The combination of a fresh Mango tart and tender Coconut pastry cream is just the right thing to do! Add it to you must have list.






The caramel glazed crepes filled with ripe mango cubes, mixed with rum butter sauce and chocolate chips is totally irresistible. Gorging on this alluring Mango dessert won’t be considered as a sin, would it?






Mango, Mango, Mango! An overdose of Mango that you will fall in love with. Mango cheesecake waffles served with Mango lime sauce and ripe & fresh Mango chunks, you can never share it with anyone else.






The Aam Ras here is superbly home-like and will satiate your Mango Mania like nobody else’s business. Quick suggestion – Go on a Sunday to enjoy an unlimited quantity of Aam Ras.






Light, and thick, both at the same time! Sinfully delicious. Aesthetically perfect. Crunchy and soft! What more do you need? Try it, to define it!






Slices of mango served with smooth coconut sorbet and topped with liquid Liquorice creates a flawless sweet and tangy mishmash on your palate. This dish ups the cool quotient of the Mango in its family.






Feel the chill with Sancho’s Mango Paleta. An icy, fresh mango juice popsicles with ripe mango cubes, chipotle, and green chillies added inside, sitting on the top of a sugarcane skewer. Mouth-watering, yes!






When you are on a trial spree, why leave Starbucks! It has introduced a limited edition mango creation, exclusively in India, because of the season. The Alphonso Mango Frappuccino and the baked Mango yogurt are to die for! Get your hands on them while you can.

Now, let your gastronomic juices flow with these chart-topping culinary brilliances.

Dedicate what’s left of this summer to the King of Fruits, Mango. Wish you a handful and mouthful Mango season!

The Rolling Pin

Restaurant Review – The Rolling Pin!

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.

The Rolling Pin is not just a cafe, it’s THE cafe to be at in Lower Parel!


The posh location, the lavish entrance, the absolutely delectable food is the reason why I’ve fallen for The Rolling Pin. After trying different restaurants weekend-by-weekend, I finally found a soul satisfying cafe in Mumbai.

The Rolling Pin, Lower Parel is bang opposite High Street Phoenix. There goes the trouble of locating the cafe!


Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 3.52.25 PM


Restaurant Ratings:

Location: 4/5
Ambience: 3.9/5
Food: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Overall: 4/5




We went there to try their scrumptious breakfast menu, but instead their dessert menu interested us. THE LOVE FOR DESSERTS SHALL NEVER DIE!

From the moment we stepped out of our car, we had fallen in love with the place. The entire setup exhibits the feeling of London in Mumbai. I love how these small parts of Mumbai, make the city liveable. The Rolling Pin is a perfect getaway cafe after a long day at work, and an absolutely apt destination to chill at the weekends.

Enough of the location, let’s get talking about the real deal.


I’ve irrevocably fallen in love with The Rolling Pin’s Menu! When you read it, you want it all. Every dish on the menu sounds delectable. They put you in a fix over what to order.


Check the menu out here:

The Rolling Pin

Here are some of my favourites-

  • Tiramisu Nespresso
  • Madagascar Hot Chocolate
  • Classic Waffles with Nutella Spread on it
  • Pancakes with honey & blueberry compote (We also asked for cream cheese to go with the pancakes 😉 )
  • Mexican Tycoon
  • Raspberry Princess
  • Chocolate Mousse Bar

The lovely captures of my favourites!


The Rolling Pin

Madagascar Hot Chocolate & Kashmiri Kawha

The Rolling Pin

Chocolate Mousse Bar


The Rolling Pin

Pancakes with Honey & Blueberry


The Rolling Pin

Classic Waffles with Nutella


The Rolling Pin

Raspberry Princess


With everything so delectable, our only regret was ordering Kashmiri Kawha. I wouldn’t say it tasted foul, but it just wasn’t my pot of tea 😉

Everything else was beyond compare.

Would I go there again? YES, a thousand times over!


Here are some more images:


13166080_10209796849217662_3533070933400870124_n 13173784_10209796849457668_1342785842963718278_n 13177777_10209796847617622_3889528660508890720_n 13178555_10209796850697699_8044192417167965567_n 13179099_10209796845657573_666511789192911626_n 13179197_10209796856417842_8535391592959299370_n 13217035_10209796854177786_3155989875265130886_o

13217414_10209796853097759_8364607838249074894_o 13220990_10209796855537820_4844303071710432799_n 13226984_10209796844297539_4233061395066737679_n

The Review-ers!

The Review-ers!

You can follow us on Instagram to see our fantastic memories at The Rolling Pin!

Don’t forget to visit the restaurant, it’s truly a paradise for food lovers.

Happy eating!

Strawberry & Balsamic Ice Cream the sassy spoon

17 Super Exotic Ice Creams in Mumbai! (Freakin’ Brilliant!)

The best time for ice creams in Mumbai (or anywhere in the world!) is 24*7, 365!

With no winter season so to say, people in Bombay feel the need of enjoying a cool and refreshing scoop of their favourite ice creams all the time. Like seriously, all the time!

It is this ever-growing love of Mumbaites for ice creams that is encouraging established and upcoming players in the food business to constantly experiment and come up with flavours that are exotic, and at the same time satiate the taste buds of people.

Having said so, it won’t be wrong to say that perhaps Mumbai is the best place in the country to try out ice creams that are unique in their preparation and taste like nothing you have had before.

So, all you ice cream lovers out there start editing your priorities to try these 17 super exotic ice creams in Mumbai!

Take your pick!


1. Green Chilli Ice Cream at Bachelorr’s, Marine Drive


Ice creams in Mumbai


While the combination of infusing green chilli into an ice cream might sound bizarre; one bite off this ice cream is enough for you to feel heaven.

Such is the magic of the Green Chilli Ice Cream at Bachelor’s that people come from far off locations to try it. The sweetness of the ice cream and the kick of chilli that one gets in every bite is an experience you should definitely try at least once in Mumbai.


2. Blue Cheese & Honey Ice Cream at The Caramel Carousel, Bandstand


Ice creams in Mumbai


All you blue cheese lovers out there have one more reason to gorge on your favourite cheese!

Calling this ice cream divine would be an understatement! The creamy texture of the cheese combined with the sweetness of honey lifts this particular flavour of ice cream to a gourmet style dessert, making it one of the must eat ice creams in Mumbai!

3. Masala Chai Ice Cream at The Bombay Canteen


Ice creams in Mumbai


We in India love our cup of chai more than anything else. Give it to us at any given hour of the day and we feel as if we have achieved nirvana.

So, how about chai on a stick for a change?

An ice cream that tastes like chai, topped with cutting chai foam and served with cinnamon flavoured cookies. Even the harshest critic of chai is guaranteed to fall head over heels for this one. Pure Bliss!


 4. Cinnamon Chocolate Ice Cream at The Apsara, Thane West


Ice creams in Mumbai


Little joys of life are best enjoyed in the form of ice creams, and this Cinnamon Chocolate ice cream is way too good.

A simple yet a classic flavor; the Cinnamon Chocolate Ice Cream is made with fresh ingredients and boasts of no added preservatives. A thing that makes it a hit among the regulars at Apsara.


5. Smoked Avocado Ice Cream at Burma Burma Fort, MG Road


Ice creams in Mumbai


Exotic thy name is Smoked Avocado Ice Cream!

This one is like the platinum standard in the world of ice creams. The goodness of avocados now available in ice cream, guess this is one revolution the food industry was waiting for! Now that it is here, without much ado, just dig-in guys!


6. Jack Daniels Ice Cream at Bunglow 9, Bandra West


Ice creams in Mumbai


This is one heady cocktail your parents won’t say no to you for!

To top it, its taste would leave you wondering if you are high on the alcohol, or on the luscious taste of the ice cream. Wicked is the word!


7. Spicy Guava Ice Cream at Bina’s Homemade Ice cream, Chowpatty


Spicy Guava Ice Cream


It might sound like a strange flavor to try, but try you must!

Combining the sweet and tangy flavor of guava with the heat of chilli makes for one uniquely irresistible flavor in ice creams. Whoever came up with this idea, all we want to say to you is thank you!


8. Kolkata Meetha Ice Cream at Amaya Indian Grill and Kitchen, Phoenix Market City


Ice creams in Mumbai


Can’t decide whether to go for an ice cream, or a paan to end your meal with?

How about both?

No, we are not kidding!

Now, you can enjoy the taste of both in this uniquely flavoured ice cream called the Kolkata Meetha Ice Cream Paan. Filled with tiny bite sized pieces of things that are a staple to any sweet paan like gulukand, supari, sauf, sultana, coconut, and betel leaf!

This is one ice cream you would love to have after every meal!


9. Orange Apricot Ice Cream at Soam, Chowpatty


Ice creams in Mumbai


When you marry two good looking foods, the result born out of their union looks like this ice cream!

Both Apricot and Orange come packed with goodness of vitamins and other nutrients that are essential for our body, and hey, they taste good too!

So, when you come up with an ice cream flavour that has both of them in it, the result you get is a beautiful looking and rich tasting ice cream called Orange Apricot Ice Cream.

A match made in heaven indeed!

10. Green Tea Mochi at Kofuku, Linking Road


Ice creams in Mumbai


Tired of sipping green tea?

Then, eat it in the form of ice cream!

We are not saying it will help you detoxify or lose any weight, but it will definitely uplift you and leave you desiring for more.

Pretty addictive this one is, we say!


11. Beer Popsicles at White Owl, Lower Parel


Ice creams in Mumbai


They say there is nothing better than a chilled beer at the end of a long tiring day. Even better when it comes in the form of a frozen dessert, we say!

You can have a whole pack of it with zilch regret!

Chilling over Beer Popsicles over the weekend, sounds like a plan!

12. Bacon & Olive Oil Ice Cream at Mezzo Mezzo, JW Marriott, Juhu


Ice creams in Mumbai


For the calorie conscious, we dare you to not have it! For others, savour the taste of this delectable ice cream, because, WTF are calories! This perfect amalgamation of Bacon and Olive calls for sudden change in plan, doesn’t it?

13. Strawberry & Balsamic Ice Cream at The Sassy Spoon, Hill Road


Ice creams in Mumbai


This one can be touted as the most romantic story of the century!

Who would have thought that two things as different as a strawberry and balsamic can get together to create something as magical as this flavorful ice cream.

You’ve got to try this one to comprehend what exactly we are trying to say. Trust us, this one will leave you speechless. This dessert deserves to be on the must eat ice creams in Mumbai list!

14. Big Bang Theory at Joss & Umame, Churchgate


Strawberry & Balsamic Ice Cream the sassy spoon


Does science and study of cosmos give you a headache?

Not after you’ve tasted the Big Bang Theory, at Umame.

The chefs at Joss and Umame, prove that ice creams in mumbai never fail to surprise you, by simply putting their science to good use by creating this ice cream dessert that looks like a dream and taste like one too.

Assembled right on your table, this is one ice cream that you must have at least once in Mumbai. We are sure post this experience your love for science will increase manifold!


15. Dark Side of Ginger Ice Cream at Sucres Des Terres, Worli


Ice creams in Mumbai


A relatively new gourmet ice creamery in town, Sucres de Terres (sugars of the earth) serves mind-numbing bliss in mason jars.

A must try ice cream in their creamery is the Dark Side of Ginger (dark chocolate flavoured with tiny pieces of candied ginger). The ingredients used are all natural and of premium quality thus setting the place a step ahead of its contemporaries. You’ve got to visit this one for their to-die-for variety of frozen desserts.

*Updates plans for this weekend*


16. Drunken Waffles at Indigo Deli, Ghatkopar West



Ice creams in Mumbai


This one packs a mix of your childhood fantasies, and adult addictions in one tall glass.

Loaded with warm waffles, rum-n-raisins, chocolate ice cream, granola, jelly and fresh cream and a dash of rum anglaise; the Drunken Waffle is the new form of liquor Mumbaites are going nuts for.

Beware! It might get you addicted!


17. Mishti Doi Lollipops at Masala Library, Bandra


Ice creams in Mumbai


Kolkata’s favourite dessert now comes in the form of an ice cream too. This dessert is the brain child of Zorawar Kalra, who is the son of the legendary Jiggs Kalra! Mishti Doi Lollipop dessert has a unique quality about it in terms of the way it is presented on a stick and is also quite delectable.

A must try dessert at Masala Library, it had to make it to our must-eat ice creams in Mumbai list!


Take note, and update your ‘must-eat’ list, already!

SS copy

27 Sublime Locations to Enjoy Breakfast in Mumbai!

Breakfast in Mumbai is ignored more than anything in this maximum city!

Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of every person’s life. Well, at least it should be, as we all know that breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day!

We are all aware of how competitive the life is today. Blessed are those who don’t have to rush anywhere in the morning, and actually have the time to take it slow!

Well, that’s 20% of us!

The rest of us don’t even have a minute to spare from our everyday routine. Thus, breakfast in Mumbai means different for different people. Some may settle down with quick sunny-side up eggs, while others are blessed with wholesome snacks. In today’s time it is reduced to coffee on the go!

Moreover, coffee is Instagramable too!

Whichever is the case, it’s for sure the most essential meal of the day. There’s even a quote about how important breakfast is, “One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast”.

While most of us rush every morning, breakfasts are hardly given any importance. When was the last time you spent an hour to make, enjoy, and finish your breakfast?

I guess never!

It’s one thing to be tired of making your own breakfast, and another to ignore it to the core! We all fantasize about a lip smacking breakfast exactly for 3 seconds when we wake up.

Well, it’s time to serve that fantasy!

Because, breakfast in Mumbai should not be disappointing. We are the city of food, and the city that never sleeps.

Here are some restaurants that serve breakfast in Mumbai that will change your idea of breakfast; they will keep you fuelled till lunch!

So, feed your breakfast fantasy, and look no further than these 27 breakfast joints in Mumbai!


1. Breakfast tray at Colaba Social


Breakfast in Mumbai


Colaba Social is the coolest co-working space cum restaurant there is in Mumbai. They let you host meetings, and serve scrumptious meals to your table. What else could one ask for while working?

They offer variety of breakfast trays, out of which ‘Last Night’ is extremely filling. It includes Virgin Mary, Eggs, Bacon, Bananas, Vitamin water, Toast, and Water to keep you hydrated.

The best thing you could avail at Colaba Social is the ‘Hangover discount’, where you just have to show your last night’s bill.


2. Eggs Kejriwal at Theobroma


Breakfast in Mumbai


Kejriwal may belong to Delhi in person, but we sure can have one for breakfast. That just sounds so wrong! Eggs Kejriwal is an open chilli cheese toast tagged along with a fried egg placed on top.

This food item was originally served to the members of the Willingdon Club. Theobroma made it available even to the aam aadmi like ourselves.

Thus, make the most of your morning with Eggs Kejriwal at the nearest Theobroma outlet.


3. Giant Jamjar Popeye at Jamjar Diner


Breakfast in Mumbai


JamJar is an all day open diner based out of Versova, Mumbai. The restaurant received much appreciation from suburban Mumbaikars for their all day long breakfast menu.

Their menu includes American style breakfast items like Nutella along with Banana Pancakes, Fluffy Egg White omelet, Spicy Jalapeno with Melted Quesso Waffles, and more!

Their Giant JamJar Popeye is to die for! The dish basically is poached eggs sitting perfectly on creamed spinach and crisp cheddar jalapeno waffle.


4. Smoked Salmon + Wasabi breakfast bagel at Smoke House Deli


Breakfast in Mumbai


Smoke House Deli will surprise you with their four page long breakfast menu. They have amazing variety in almost all categories of breakfast, leaving you to wonder what to order, and what not.

Beware, you will want to order one from every category!

They have a large section of eggs, croissants, and of course absolutely delectable muffins! They have recently added Smoked Salmon with Wasabi Breakfast Bagel in their menu. Pair it with one of their cooler concoctions and you’ll set the mood right for the rest of the day!


5. Waffles Croque Madame at The Pantry


Breakfast in Mumbai


The Pantry has never failed to woo its guests given its location and old school French charm. But, these two aren’t the sole factors, the food here is soul-pleasing!

This is perfect for people who love the Parisian feel. Visit The Pantry to try their Waffles Croque Madame made with local ham béchamel and sunny side up eggs served topped with homemade bacon jam! It’s heavenly!


6. Marble Eggs at Tea Trails


Breakfast in Mumbai


Tea Trails is the most sorted place for professionals working in BKC. Early for work? Then, just grab a quick bite at Tea Trails.

Also because, it’s the most sorted breakfast for your day.

You will find everything from Poha, Upma, Fruity Pancakes, Low fat Granolas, and Marble Eggs. I vote for Marble Eggs as they’re not just Instagram friendly, but they also come with complimentary cuppa! (Or was that just for me, I wonder! )


7. Crème Brulee French Toast at Terttulia


Breakfast in Mumbai


Pune and Mumbai never seem to go hand-in-hand, until Terttulia opened an outlet in Mumbai. Originally from Pune, the restaurant has managed well to sink its roots deep into the soil of Mumbai.

They serve fresh juices, homemade granola with milk / yogurt, waffles, and so much more! The French Toast here is to die for! They soak it overnight in cream, and then toast it. Later, it is stuffed with cream, and then bruleed with brown sugar. It’s freakin’ delectable!

There’s something more for bacon lovers. This lovely French Toast is further accompanied by crispy Bacon strips. Don’t eat Pork? Worry not! Because, the dish is also served with Chicken Sausage.

So, choose what you must!


8. Breakfast in a bottle at Nutcracker


Breakfast in Mumbai


Nutcracker is a delight for late risers due to its all-day breakfast menu. So, wake up when you please because Nutcracker will serve you breakfast anytime you ask for it!

They serve everything from Salli eggs (a Parsi speciality) to Upma. So, you have a variety to choose from. They also serve breakfast in a bottle, glee for professionals on the run.

Thus, it doesn’t matter what time you wake up, breakfast in Mumbai is always ready to please you!


9. The Yogi’s Breakfast at The Yoga House


Breakfast in Mumbai


The Yoga House is an absolute delight for anybody who is calorie conscious. As the name suggests, The Yoga House serves breakfast which will make you feel light, and energetic throughout the day.

The breakfast menu at The Yoga House will help you cleanse and feel light with multi-vitamin juice, oat porridge, along with tea / coffee.

The Yoga House also home delivers around their vicinity. Thus, feeling fresh and lively with a breakfast in Mumbai is just a phone call away!


10. Full House at Leaping Windows


Breakfast in Mumbai


Leaping Windows is my absolute favourite cafe, be it any time of the day! But, their breakfast menu makes me visit them time and again.

Their Full House (pork/chicken) breakfast comprises of your choice of eggs, bacon and pork sausages or roasted chicken and chicken sausages. This is further complemented with mash potato or wilted spinach along with your choice of refreshment like tea, coffee or watermelon juice.

Isn’t this how mornings should begin?


11. Shakshouka at Le café


Breakfast in Mumbai


Le Cafe is an eggy paradise, and is surrounded by jolly egg lovers all the time. You would be lucky to find a table here!

That being said, Le Cafe’s signature dish Shakshouka is what keeps me coming back to this tiny joint! Have this with a toast, and order a fresh fruit juice to wash this down, and you’re sorted till lunch!

Here’s a glitch- This beauty is only served at their Chembur outlet.


12. Elvis Bagel at The Bagel Shop


Breakfast in Mumbai


The Bagel Shop promises to serve you breakfast in Mumbai that feels like New York. The restaurant has a beautiful setting, enough to make for pleasant mornings.

While the restaurant has a lot to offer, their Elvis Bagel is a real treat. It’s simply an open bagel with peanut butter, nutella and bananas!

If this doesn’t count as a must eat breakfast in Mumbai, I don’t know what does! (Actually, I do. Read the rest 26 options!)


13. Pizza by the Bay


Breakfast in Mumbai


Whether you like the food here or not, you’re sure going to enjoy the breakfast at Pizza By The Bay. Why, you ask? The view, that’s why!

Pizza By The Bay is located right across Marine Drive. Trust me, the view from Pizza By The Bay is beyond amazing.

Their menu for breakfast is quite extensive which includes poached eggs, waffles, freshly baked croissant, and homemade granola. Though, that’s just to name a few. I say, side it up with a pint of beer, and Hola, a movie scene!


14. Café Mondegar


Breakfast in Mumbai


Just another gem in SoBo! Cafe Mondegar, frequented by both Indians and Foreigners, has an old American Diner like feel to it.

The food is also inspired by the American style eating habits. The menu includes many varieties of omelets and sausages!


15. Eat around the corner


Breakfast in Mumbai


Well, welcome to a all white restaurant, you’ll! Eat Around The Corner earlier was just Around The Corner. The restaurant is extremely neat and looks extremely clean.

Visit this restaurant for some good English breakfast, varieties of salads, and desserts.


16. French Toast and baked beans with toast at Villa Vandre


Breakfast in Mumbai

Villa Vandre screams European from every corner. Be it the food, or the interiors, it’s all inspired by Europe. Villa Vandre includes absolutely delectable menu, which includes yummy Pancakes topped with Maple syrup, French toast, customized omelets, and also baked beans with toast.


17. Kala Ghoda Café


Breakfast in Mumbai


Kala Ghoda is an art gallery complemented with a cafe and a bakery. When at Kala Ghoda, apart from enjoying the art in the gallery, you can order from a variety of food.

For a delicious, and filling breakfast, I recommend you to have some waffles with your choice of tea / coffee. This will surely make your morning special, and lets you enjoy your breakfast in Mumbai.


18. Salt Water Café


Breakfast in Mumbai


Spending your mornings at Salt Water cafe will not just make for a delectable breakfast, but will also make you feel sophisticated for the rest of your days. The restaurants wooden furniture shines bright in the morning sunlight.

You will fall in love with Salt Water Cafe’s breakfast spread which consists of different varieties of eggs, smoked bacon pancakes, breakfast bagel sandwich, French toast, and croissant sandwich.


19. Suzette Creperie and Café


Breakfast in Mumbai


The regular breakfast of Dosa, Upma, Dhokla, can bore the Indian in you. When this happens, welcome Suzette Creperie and Cafe in your life!

Their breakfast menu has tremendous assortments that will please your taste buds. They serve amazing crepes which can be complemented with tea, coffee, and varieties of smoothies.


20. Café Zoe


Breakfast in Mumbai


Cafe Zoe is guilty of winning a lot of hearts in Mumbai. This is one restaurant that can give you a quiet morning breakfast in Mumbai, to a buzzing place in the evening within a blink of an eye!

They do not have to make any efforts whatsoever to gather the crowd. Well, all thanks to the food and the ambience at this amazing cafe.

When at Cafe Zoe, you can try your hands on Waffles, Pancakes, Scones, Toasts, which can be accompanied by your choice of tea, coffee, or smoothie.

Cafe Zoe is simply fabulous!


21. Fat Man’s Café


Breakfast in Mumbai


Fat Man’s Cafe is all about color and quirk! Visiting this cafe in the morning is sure to get you chirpy, and will leave you feeling fresh for the day ahead.

Needless to say, Fat Man’s Cafe has a lot on their menu. Enough to satisfy any man’s need. You must try their Nutella coffee shake for breakfast. Apart from this, they also serve cereals, mushroom on toast, hash browns, and banana peanut butter shake.

Eat it all; we’re all thin on the insides!


22. Brunch N Munch


Breakfast in Mumbai


Cramped in Malad, Brunch ‘N’ Munch is a small cafe perfect for breakfast, and brunch in Mumbai. They mostly serve English breakfast, and seem to be quiet popular among the locals.

Their menu consists of some extremely delicious food like Frittata, Baked beans on toast, waffles with choco sauce and ice cream, Bacon Pancake, Banana Pancake, and more!


23. Lotus Café


Breakfast in Mumbai


Lotus Cafe screams elegance and royalty from the moment you step in. Be it the interiors, or the food, Lotus Cafe will prove to be the epitome of elegance at every step.

Many visit Lotus Cafe to escape the crazy rush of Mumbai for just a little while.The large hall of the restaurant looks out over landscaped grounds towards the ocean.

The buffet here is unmatched for in the entire city!

You must eat here at least once. Just to get the feel of elegance and sophistication!


24. Haji Ali Juice Centre





Haji Ali Juice centre is known to open its shutters at 5am in the morning. They are ready with fresh juices, and you’ll start noticing the rush outside Haji Ali from the moment they open.

They serve fruit juices, pizzas, sandwiches, faloodas, and a plethora of different food items. All this with an amazing seaside view is something no Mumbaikar should miss.

Haji Ali Juice Centre is the most sort after in Haji Ali, as it serves you good, quality food along the seaside. The seaview is known to take away all the stress, leaving you with sheer bliss for the rest of the day!


25. Jimmy Boy


Breakfast in Mumbai


Jimmy Boy is definitely not for early risers, as the cafe opens at 11am! So, sleep in a day, wake up at your comfort, brush your teeth, and visit Jimmy Boy for a filling breakfast.

When at the restaurant, you must have Salli Per Edu, a combination of Eggs and fried potato straws. This can be enjoyed with a Bun Maska and a nice creamy Irani Chai.

They definitely have a lot to offer, but you won’t be complaining about our suggestion once you try it.


26. Indigo Deli


Breakfast in Mumbai


The combination of their consistency and flavour makes Indigo Deli one of my favourite restaurants to have breakfast in Mumbai.

When at Indigo Deli, I simply order Eggs Benedict with closed eyes and deaf ears! I want nothing else, I came for nothing else! Eggs Benedict at Indigo Deli got me addicted to it largely because of their unmatched homemade hollandaise sauce.

You could also go for their pancakes, appam with stew, waffles, eggs in different ways, french toast, they all seem absolutely mouth watering too. But, the Eggs Benedict here is simply divine!


27. Breakfast in Mumbai by the Cyclewalas!


Breakfast in Mumbai


Oh yes! Cyclewalas are the true beauty of breakfast in Mumbai. They have everything from idli, to Masala Dosa. If you’re lucky enough, they will even have tea ./ coffee.

Well, to add to this, breakfast in Mumbai is taking the healthiest route there is. As you can see even the cyclewalas serving fresh beetroot juice, carrot juice, and what not, early morning to the joggers!

Way to go Mumbai!


Wasn’t that appetizing? Tell us your take on the above, Mumbai’s best breakfast joints, or tell us some we didn’t cover in the comments below!

Looking for Desserts? Well then, follow this link!

Feature image

A Savory Meal – Prawns Dry Curry

I was enjoying a cooking show the other day when the chef mentioned how people dislike having prawns due to its smell. It made me wonder if these people are for real. I fail to understand people who dislike prawns, it’s like my mind fails to register them. I mean how can anyone dislike Prawns. They are almost every non-vegetarians delight. It tastes like magic, so succulent, and luscious.

Moreover, it can be cooked in myriad ways! Still didn’t get my love for Prawns? I LOVE THEM! Want to win my heart? Get me prawns!

As a Maharashtrian kid who grew up eating different delicacies of Prawns, I can never have enough of Prawns. So, as new year rolled in I decided to make what I make the best – Prawns Dry Curry.

Feature image

After having tons of regional and international cuisines of Prawns, I realized there were so many reasons to adore this delicious sea food. For me, it simply doesn’t matter the way my Prawns are cooked. The fact that a dish has prawns in it is enough to make me ecstatic. I have to eat every dish with prawns in it.

My mother has made all kinds of prawns since my childhood, but I absolutely adore what my granny made for me. It was this dry curry. She made it with so much love and care that nobody could match her recipe. You could eat this dry curry with roti, naan, chappati, bhakri or simply with rice. As I’m cutting down on Gluten, I ate it with rice. This prawns dry curry is made with lots of onions, tomatoes, curd and an egg. Yes, an egg!

As new year came by, I suddenly craved for this dry prawns recipe. We had used all our non-veg raw material, and there were no prawns to carry out this recipe. My visit to the local market on the first Sunday of the new year turned out to be a total bliss. I came across some lush and meaty prawns, plus they were cheap! I had to buy them. I cannot justify in words how happy these prawns made me feel. I did a minion dance on seeing them, of course in my head.

So, after coming back home happy and content with my buy, I started on the recipe instantly!

This prawns dry curry takes very little preparation, and still is one of the best prawns recipe you would indulge in your life. Try this recipe and give your new year’s a delighted start!



Cooking time: 30 mins

Serves: 3 to 4 people


15 to 20 medium sized de-veined Prawns

Olive oil

Crushed garlic

4 to 5 sliced onions

2 green chillies, chopped

1 red chilli, roughly broken into pieces

Finely chopped onions

Turmeric powder

Red Chilli Powder

Coriander Powder

Garam Masala

Bottled Masala (Every Maharashtrian has an unique bottle of masala)

Half cup curd

Salt & Pepper to taste

Finely chopped Coriander leaves


Start with heating olive oil in a thick pan. Add 2 tbsp of crushed garlic to the pan, let it cook for 2 minutes on low heat. Ensure that you don’t burn the garlic.

After your garlic is done, add finely chopped onions and let them cook for good 5 to 7 minutes / till they become translucent. Add chopped chillies to the pan, and stir this well for about 20 seconds.

Make a small space in the middle of the pan, add a tbsp of oil (if necessary) in the small space. Once the oil is hot enough, add the powdered spices as per taste. To my recipe I added 1 tbsp of turmeric powder, 2 tbsp of red chilli powder, 1/2 tbsp of corriander powder, 1/2 tbsp of Garam Masala, and 2 tbsp of Bottled Masala.

If you don’t have bottled masala, you can use Chicken Masala or Tandoor Masala for variation of taste.

Let the masala cook for 4 to 5 minutes on low heat.

Once the masala seems done, add chopped tomatoes and let them cook for another 3 to 4 minutes on low heat. Make sure you cover your pan to aid cooking faster.

It’s time to add the prawns! Add your prawns along with half cup curd to this red hot concoction and sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste. Mix this well and let it cook until the prawns are done. This will take good 5 to 7 minutes on medium heat.

This is what my grandma made me. Simple prawns dry curry. Add chopped coriander leaves to this and you’re good to go!

But, there is more to my version. After my prawns are done, I turn up the heat to high and add an egg to the pan. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on this and stir this well for a minute. Turn the heat to low, add some chopped coriander leaves and let it cook for a minute.

Turn off the heat once done and enjoy this prawns dry curry with rice!

You can obviously enjoy this with roti, or bhakri, or any kind of flat-breads.

Enjoy your meal!


Restaurant Review #3: The Homemade Cafe


The Homemade Cafe is all about Food, Water, Books. You know, the essentials!




Every bookworm may not be a foodie, but The Homemade Cafe is a place to be in for those who are. With literally the best books to tease your brain, this cafe exists to win your heart.

The Homemade Cafe is relatively new to Mumbai but by the looks of it has rooted itself deep in the city. The gorgeousness of the place is enough to allure people of all ages to come and relax amidst food and books.

So, let’s begin with where is The Homemade Cafe located?

The cafe is located on the main Oshiwara road to awe every passer by. The Homemade Cafe is so alluring that you would be blind to miss it while passing by. The floral upholstery, blue exteriors, the chalk board and the beautiful, white Christmas tree (temporary) is impossible to dislike. This cafe is a venture by three friends, with roots in Bollywood. Thus, it never fails to look beautiful. Be it with the exteriors, the interiors or on the plate!

The-Homemade-Cafe IMG_20151112_191807


Let’s jump to how good the food is-

I must say that this cafe is blessed with the most creative chef and an interesting menu. The menu serves everything from scrumptious breakfast to Goan Fish curry with Basmati rice.

As they claim that they cook food that tastes similar to what you eat back home, we thought of giving some of it a try. After trying quite a few dishes, we have to agree that the food does make you nostalgic. It’s just like back at home, with some of the best dishes. Overall, you’re bound to fall in love with the food there!

IMG_20151225_164710 IMG_20151225_164324 IMG_20151112_184516


Must eat food when at The Homemade Cafe-

I highly recommend- Cold Coffee, Eggs Benedict, Penne in Porcini Cream Sauce, Chicken Fingers with Mustard Mayo, Goan Fish curry and Sri Lankan Curry.

Want to know the best part? The Homemade Cafe kitchen introduces a new dish almost every week. A plus for foodies like me to visit it over and over again!



When should you visit The Homemade Cafe?

When you’re missing Europe! The exterior of this cafe brings Europe to Bombay. Apart from this, you must visit The Homemade Cafe when you want to indulge in good food, and spend quality time with your loved ones!

When should you avoid visiting The Homemade Cafe?

When you’re actually craving for desserts. The Homemade Cafe is a great place but, it doesn’t really offer you the best of desserts. In fact, they have only one on their menu. You gotta check with the chef for the dessert.

Otherwise, it’s an amazing cafe to hangout with friends!

And look! I spotted Prof. Trelawny practising Divination.

And look! I spotted Prof. Trelawny practising Divination.

They give your cheque in a book! Oh how they don't want you to leave!

They give your cheque in a book! Oh how they don’t want you to leave!

IMG_20151112_191754 IMG_20151112_190039 IMG_20151112_190032


Want to know where to eat your desserts after visiting The Homemade Cafe? Go here!

Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse

An Ultimate Guide To Must-Eat Desserts In Mumbai!

Do you know which part of the meal 82 per cent of people dining at a restaurant look forward to?

It’s the Dessert!

Mumbai has no shortage of desserts, but how many are you willing to try after a meal? There’s always a risk of ordering something you will end up regretting.

So, what are the sweets you need to know to espy how we do desserts in this amazing city? We asked ourselves the same question a few days back, and then we got to tasting.

We took suggestions from family, friends, colleagues, and also from you – our readers! I would like to thank each one of you for your lovely suggestions. We had a fun time tasting dessert after dessert to find these lip smacking desserts in Mumbai.

This is a kind of list every person with a craving for sweets must add to his / her bucket list. For we are sure, by the end of this list, you would probably want to head out to eat one of these desserts.


What’s the wait for? Dive in and enjoy these jaw-droppingly delicious desserts in Mumbai.


1. Death by Chocolate at Café Pico


desserts in Mumbai

It’s not easy to just take one bite and leave this plate full of heaven to rest. Once you start hogging this little dessert, you will stop only after the plate gets crystal clean.


2. Red Velvet at LSD


desserts in Mumbai


Red Velvet has mixed reviews, and I don’t understand why. I know people who like Red Velvet from a certain place, and hate it from somewhere else.

To put you out of this misery we suggest you try the Red Velvet at LSD. This cupcake is so delicious you will end up taking some home!


3. The Classic Chocolate Fondue at Haagen Dazs


desserts in Mumbai


Anything with a Chocolate Fondue has to be good. Thus, the classic chocolate fondue at Haagen Dazs definitely tops my list of must eat desserts in Mumbai.

Indulge in the amazing warmth of the Chocolate Fondue served with Crepes, Macarons, Waffles, Brownies, Mini Scoops of Ice-cream, and so much more. This Classic Chocolate Fondue is definitely a meal by itself!


4. Whiskey Pate at Indigo Deli


desserts in Mumbai


Anything with a touch of alcohol can get you addicted to it. Thus, beware of this delectable Whiskey Pate at Indigo Deli for it’s not just delicious beyond measure, it’s addictive beyond relinquish.

Need a kick? This dessert is enough to give you a kick in the mouth, and make you go mmmm!


5. Baileys Mousse Cake at Leo’s Boulangerie


desserts in Mumbai


Speaking of alcoholic desserts, it would be extremely unfair to not mention Baileys Mousse Cake at Leo’s Boulangerie. This is one dessert you must have in Mumbai!

As a matter of fact, whenever in doubt go for any dessert with Baileys in it!


6. Hazelnut Mousse Flan at Salt Water Café


desserts in Mumbai


Salt Water Café, a place where the desserts compete with one another. It’s difficult to pick one dessert from their menu, and present it as the most delicious. We still did manage to pick one; the Hazelnut Mousse Flan steals the show with Hazelnut crisps at the base, and the crumbly crust.


7. Layered Tiramisu Cheesecake at Love and Cheesecake


desserts in Mumbai


Do you happen to love coffee? Then, you’re in for a lovely, rich treat.

This layered Tiramisu Cheesecake is ravishing, strong, and indulgent. With a rich taste of Coffee, this dessert is here to win hearts of coffee gourmet.


8. Blueberry Cheesecake at Love and Cheesecake


desserts in Mumbai


When at Love and Cheesecake it’s a must to order the Blueberry Cheesecake. No matter where do you come from, this dessert is a must eat in Mumbai. Simply because it’s rich taste perfectly matches with the rich ambience of the city.


9. Nutella Cupake at The Boston Cupcakery


desserts in Mumbai


The cupcakes at The Boston Cupcakery are pure bliss. The Boston Cupcakery is a cute shop that serves extremely cute and delicious little cupcakes. Eating their Nutella Cupcake will make you fall in love with cupcakes.

For a complete dessert-y experience, upgrade your cupcake to a sundae or a shake!


10. Oreo Choco Chunk Brownie at Theobroma


desserts in Mumbai


An Oreo and a brownie when mixed together present one of the most soul pleasing desserts. Oreo alone or with anything else has the ability to take you for a ride.

The Oreo Choco Chunk at Theobroma is definitely a people pleaser. Go get your share now before they sell out for the day!


11. Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse at Yauatcha


desserts in Mumbai


The first thing you notice on entering Yauatcha is their dessert counter. That’s absolute brilliance on their part! Yauatcha is known for its fine food, but do not ever leave without indulging in some dessert. The desserts here are known to finish the meal!

The Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse is one such dessert you must indulge in at Yauatcha. It’s rich in taste and is the best Hazelnut Mousse in Mumbai; but you must stop ogling at the dessert to experience the richness!


12. Chocolate Decadence Cupcake at Picollo Tortini


desserts in Mumbai


Picollo Tortini is a true gem in hiding, accompanied with the most eye pleasing desserts there are in Mumbai. Picollo Tortini never fails to deliver when it comes to Italian food and desserts. The Chocolate Decadence Cupcake is one such dessert.

So, go dig into this chocolate rich dessert served in the most royal style.


13. The Flower Pot at Jamjar Diner


desserts in Mumbai


Jamjar Diner surprises you since the minute you step in!

With The Flower Pot dessert you’re sure in for a treat. Don’t go by the looks, this is a completely edible dessert served in a flower pot. This dessert won’t stop surprising you until the end! With the soft Marshmallow, and the Oreo crumbs to surprise you, this flower pot must be explored by every dessert paramour.


14. Gooey Chocolate at Guilt Trip


desserts in Mumbai


Guilt trip may be a tiny place but, it serves some of the yummiest desserts in town. Be it brownies, cheesecakes or cupcakes, they will allure you into eating them. When around Carter Road, do visit Guilt trip for its little treats.

For the desserts here are worth the Guilt Trip!


15. Ghewar Cheesecake from Masala Library


desserts in Mumbai


I love when someone goes ahead and puts together the best dishes from around the world. Masala Library won my heart with its Ghewar Cheesecake. This is a unique take on the Roman Cheesecake, it comes with a Ghewar base, topped with rabdi and garnished with pistachios.

Definitely a must have dessert in Mumbai!


16. Gulab Nut at The Bombay Canteen


desserts in Mumbai


There’s not one soul alive who hates Gulab Jamun! Know of any? They’re fooling you, they’re dead inside!

Anyway, so we all love Gulab Jamun. Now, The Bombay Canteen decided to gift us with a little something. They wanted to make it special, and so they added magic to this little dessert.

The Gulab Nut from TBC, is filled with Old Monk! Nope, no kidding! The dessert literally is spiked with Old Monk, making it one of the must-eat desserts in Mumbai!


17. Jalebi Caviar at Masala Library


desserts in Mumbai


Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra has been the talk of the town for its unique way of jazzing traditional dishes up. Jalebi Caviar is one such delicacy by Jiggs Kalra and his team. Instead of making the Jalebi in the traditional way, Jiggs Kalra and team added a chic turn to this dessert.

The Jalebi has been interestingly shrunk into tiny boondi-style balls, and presented in a pool of Rabri which is further garnished with crushed Pistachio. It goes without saying that this entire caboodle is extremely delectable.

Now this is one dessert in Mumbai you shouldn’t miss!


Did we miss your favourites? Then, do suggest them in the comments below. We are definitely looking to upgrade this list!


Recipe: Delectable Oreo Chocolate Cake!

The idea behind baking a cake came into existence because of my urge to create something interesting. I didn’t exactly think I could bake a cake, but turns out I can.
I saw people with no former classes in baking, bake.

I saw them create the most interesting looking desserts. That intrigued me into watching videos after videos on baking. I must have read over a dozen of articles on baking a cake before actually getting serious about this idea.
So, I had to bake a cake.

Let me break it to you, it’s not easy for a first timer and it’s okay to cheat.
My sister had some former experience in baking and knew a few tips and tricks on baking. This was where I first cheated. I took help. This is okay too, for a first timer. We weren’t in a competition anyway!

Thus, half the credit for baking this beautiful Oreo Chocolate Cake goes to my sister. She is good at what she does!

Are you wondering; Why should you stick till the end of this recipe?

Here’s why:

1. It’s a dream cake for every Oreo lover. It has crushed Oreo on the top, in the middle, and we have mixed Oreo powder with the cake powder mixture. That’s Oreo heaven for me.

2. It’s extremely easy to make. I have cheated a lot.

Now, coming back to the real purpose of this article:

Recipe to my very own version of Oreo Chocolate Cake.

Ingredients for the cake:

2 large eggs
42 ml of oil
Powdered Sugar
Powdered Oreo’s
125 ml of Water
Pillsbury Rich Chocolate Cake Mix (This is where I cheated)
And Vanilla Essence

Steps to bake the cake:

1. Start with Pre heating the oven at 170 degree Celsius, Grease an oval or rectangular pan with oil / butter and sprinkle this with little all-purpose flour.

2. Take out a deep oval shaped bowl and mix the cake mixture, oil, egg liquid, Oreo powder, powdered sugar, Vanilla Essence and water. You can mix this mixture with a spoon or with a hand mixture. Mix it for about 2 to 3 minutes or until you see a smooth mixture sans any lumps.

3. Put this mixture into the greased bowl and bake it for 30 to 35 minutes at 170 degree Celsius.




Here’s a little tip for you to check if your cake is completely baked:

Carefully remove the cake out of the oven, put a knife through the centre of the cake and slowly remove it back out. If the knife comes clean, it indicates that your cake is completely baked. If not, go on baking till the knife comes out clean.

(TIP: Tiny crumbs of sponge on the knife are not to be worried about.)
Once your cake is completely baked, let it rest for about 30 minutes before you shift it on a wire rack. Let it rest for another 2 hours before icing it.

A sponge cake is worthless sans delectable icing; let’s get started with the icing-


Whip cream
Melted Chocolate
Powdered Sugar
Vanilla Essence
Crumbs of Oreo’s

Steps to make the icing:

Take a large mixing bowl. To a small cup of whip cream add about a small cup of melted chocolate, powdered sugar as per taste, and vanilla essence. Mix this mixture till it doesn’t foam up, or till about 3 to 4 minutes.
It’s important you make the icing prior to the cake and refrigerate it for good 6 hours before using it on the cake.

The last and crucial step:

1. Once the cake is well rested on the wire frame, cut it into two halves and shift one of them on the cake board.
2. Layer both the halves with a generous amount of icing and spread some crushed Oreo’s on the cake board half. Place the other half on the cake board half.





3. Take some generous amount of icing on a spatula and start covering the cake from the sides to the top. Continue icing till you don’t cover the entire cake with icing.
4. Once done, spread some crushed Oreo’s on the top of your cake.


5. Refrigerate the cake for an hour or two before serving.
*Best before 3 days.

That’s it.

I must admit, explaining how to bake this Oreo Chocolate Cake was way more difficult than actually baking it.

Do read some more articles on baking an Oreo Chocolate Cake, just like this one, before attempting to bake one. Video’s help too.

This was my first attempt at baking, so do not trust this recipe blindly. Take as much help from the internet as you can.
But, this recipe does make me proud of my first ever Oreo Chocolate Cake!


Restaurant Review #2 : Zaffran.

How do you know you’re going to eat some delectable food in a restaurant?

Dine at Zaffran, for the most flavorful food, and trendy Indianised Dining (So they say!). Zaffran specializes in Mughlai, North Indian and Tandoori and they absolutely do justice to what they have on offer.

You do not have to worry about travelling half way around Mumbai to enjoy a meal at Zaffran. Why?

Because, Zaffran has more than one outlet in Mumbai. Thus, no matter where you’re in the city, you will have a Zaffran outlet somewhere close to you.

Zaffran Locations:

Infinity Mall, Malad West

R City Mall, Ghatkopar West

Mathuradas Mills, Lower Parel

Growell’s 101 Mall, Kandivali East

Hill Road, Bandra West

Crawford Market, CST

Inorbit Mall, Vashi

Korum Mall, Thane West

Do you see my point now? It doesn’t matter where you’re, you will find Zaffran!

Moreover, this also proves the success of the restaurant. If it didn’t do well, they wouldn’t dare open 8 outlets all around the city. News has it Zaffran is soon opening an outlet at Infinity, Mumbai. A balle-balle situation for people like me living close to Infinity Mall!

The ambience at Zaffran is royal; they leave you feeling as if you come from a royal background. Not just the ambience, but the staff there too is extremely patient and treats the customers like a gem!

That’s all about the staff and ambience, but am sure you must be wondering;

What about the food?

Mouthwatering. Eye Pleasing. Delectable. Beyond Compare.

These adjectives are just not enough to compliment the food at Zaffran! The food melts in your mouth; you cannot help but go ‘mmmm….’ after the first bite!

Here’s their entire Menu –




Here’s what I had on my visit there –




Dum Murg Shorba: Was it good? It was soothing! The soup felt like elixir to my body. The chicken was fresh and the soup was just the right quantity. Being the way I’m, I can get full on a soup! So, 1 by 2 is the way for all my soups.

Rating: 8.5/10

In starters we ordered,

Pudhina Paneer Tikka: It was lovely. I just wish it was a bit more on the spicier side. But, the rest of the meal covered up for Pudhina Paneer Tikka. #TeamWorkYouSee 😛

Rating: 6.5/10

Murg Zaffrani Tikka: This is a bit spicy, and is made in tandoor. Well, we ordered this dish as we believe in going with what the restaurant thinks they make the best. Every restaurant has their own set of specialties; Murg Zaffrani Tikka was one of the pièce de résistance of Zaffran.

Rating: 9/10

Lasooni Prawns: I blindly support what they say about this dish, it’s not the usual but it’s worth a try. It smells so tempting; you cannot wait for the waiter to leave before you start eating.

Rating: 10/10

In main course we were served,

Murg Anarkali: This dish has a rich taste of tomato. Well because, it’s base is tomato puree! Murg Anarkali with Butter Roti is a must have at Zaffran!

Rating: 8/10

Murg Biryani: The name says it’s going to be a plain, usual chicken biryani. But, it’s not! The Murg Biryani at Zaffran will leave you licking your fingers!

Rating: 10/10

This is all we had. Well, this may seem like a lot but for a team of three we believe we overate!

Lamentably, we couldn’t stick around for desserts as we had a meeting to attend and were super full with the entire meal. But, we have heard that the Caramel Custard, Chocolate Gateau, Rasmalai, Brownie with Choc Sauce are some of the hot favorite desserts at Zaffran. Thus, you can select either one of them to finish off your meal on a sweet note.

Zaffran offers you with a lot of variety in Tandoor, North Indian and Mughlai and thus we insist you pay them a visit soon!

Overall rating: 8.5/10

Did you ever eat at a Zaffran outlet? We would love to know your take on them in the comments below!

Also, don’t forget to check this out!