Have the best day ever!


Hey y’all, how are you doing?

Well, its been really long since I wrote a blog; time flies. In my defence, I’ve been crazy busy doing things that paid my bills. Ha! I got so carried away with work, that I forgot to take time out and do what I enjoy the most. Yep, blog. So, here I am with a fresh new blog post. When realisation dawned upon me, I immediately decided to take control of my life and stop getting carried away. I thought a lot and I devised a plan. A plan that will help me live the best of my life. A plan of living in the present. A plan to have the best day ever!

What is life, but a day after the other? How often do we end up saying, it’s already 2018! How often do we look back at a memory which happened 3 years back and feels like yesterday. How often do we agree with the phrase – time flies. A lot of times.

When we live aimlessly, we forget to live. We function but we don’t live. How wonderful would it be if you remembered every day of your life? It’s impossible. But, I will tell you what’s possible: Remembering something out of every day. Its high time to realise that little things matter. LITTLE THINGS MATTER. Never forget this golden rule: If it won’t matter 5 years down the line, it doesn’t matter now.

This realisation helped me devise steps to have the best day ever and ultimately the best life ever! So, here are the 10 steps to have the best day ever:

1. Set out clothes the night before

Feel like this is an unimportant task? Just do it. Do it for a week and trust me you will see the change in your day. This will save you so much time in the morning.


2. Soak in some sunlight


The minute your alarm goes off, get up and go in the sun. Getting some sunlight right after waking up brings such positivity to life. Sunlight is the best motivator of the day.


3. Exercise in the morning

While your body is soaking some sunlight, practice a 10 minute exercise. Be it spot jog, or quick yoga. Do it to get that blood pumping. This will jump-start your metabolism while boosting your energy levels. Just what’s needed for a great day, huh?


4. Make a to-do list

Take out 10 minutes to make a to-do list. Write down all the tasks you plan to accomplish that day. Make a note of all the important tasks you would want to finish off that day. This will sort your day out.

5. Set a new goal every day

No matter how big or small, set a new goal every day. Be it climbing stairs at work, or leaving work on time. Set a goal and stick to it. The feeling of accomplishing it will make you feel good about yourself. After all, that’s the purpose of living, right?


6. Eat a healthy breakfast


People who love eating are the best. And, people who love eating healthy breakfast are the happiest. A healthy breakfast is the fuel to your day. A happy tummy will result in a happy mind, thus a happy day!


7. Think something kind to yourself

Never depend on someone else to make you happy. Remember your happiness starts with you. Say something kind to yourself while looking into the mirror. One positive thought can start a chain of positive thoughts.

8. Say No

Practice saying no to something once every day. Just to practice saying no. You must realise, you cannot do everything. Thus, learn the art of saying NO.


9. Practice Gratitude

Practice gratitude daily, even if its simply for the air you breathe. Be grateful for what you receive, know that not everyone is as blessed as you. Learn to appreciate.

10. Put a smile on that face


Yes, yours. And, theirs too. Don’t forget to smile everyday and while you’re at it, put a smile on other people’s face too.


Follow these steps for a week to start feeling happier in life. Do comment below your thoughts!

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