Managing personal finance amid corona virus

Managing Personal Finance Amid A Pandemic!

Many people think that managing, understanding, assessing personal finance is a tough nut to crack. It’s actually not that difficult when you’re well prepared and most importantly aware of your financial situation.

The corona virus pandemic is the ‘rainy day’ finance experts warned us about all along.

But who would have anticipated this situation. Max we prepared our personal finance for was the likes of a broken car and a hospital visit. But now the economy is being hit, and that unfortunately has and will further result in a lot of pay cut and job loss.

Smartness is in holding onto all that you got, and not splurging. Now more than ever, it has become important to make necessary preparations and readjustments to our personal finance to be ready to take on any fiddly situation. I did an extensive self-analysis and research on how to manage your personal finances around the third week of March. Around the early days of the lockdown in India to keep my boat afloat using few tips from a lot of financial experts, including my mom and dad and a few friends! 😉

I’ve also spoken to some professionals in my network recently and gathered their advice and experience. After all, it’s best to learn from each other’s experiences, ain’t it?


Dive in to read the tips that may help you reassess your financial situation:


Analyse the last 3 months spending

Everyone has a different spending pattern. Some splurge like there’s no tomorrow, some save, some don’t bother so much at all. You need to sit down and analyse your spending pattern.

Answer questions like do you need to make any changes, do you really need annual subscription for all those entertainment channels, do you really need to pay your credit card bills? (Yes, the answer is YES!)

When you analyse, you will exactly understand where your money flows. This will help you plan not only for tomorrow, but also for when the lockdown opens. (Hopefully, soon.)

Analysing for a quarter is a good idea, it almost has answers to all your questions and well, it’s your most recent spending history. Do it, it helps!


Benjamin Franklin - personal advice - finance quote


Do not touch your savings

Seriously, do not touch your savings. Don’t invest in stocks, don’t buy electronics because there’s sale, don’t splurge on clothes because there’s 90% off. Just don’t spend. Hold still!

Think of your savings as the ventilator you will need when things go south. So do not touch your savings. Period.


Foresee your expenses

It’s always a good idea to foresee your expenses. Think of all the things that can go wrong, and be prepared for it.

We’re literally in a pandemic, now more than ever we need to believe that things do go wrong and the best we can do is prepare to survive them.

So, evaluate situations based on their importance. What will be your expenses? The obvious one’s are groceries, medicines, bills, rent. But think beyond like how are your electronics doing. If you’re working from home your laptop is sailing your boat, so how is your laptop doing? Is your refrigerator in good condition? (There’s water leaking from my fridge, and this scares the hell out of me!)

Think about all of this once. It will help you immensely.


Pay EMI & Credit card bills

I strongly believe in debt free living. Debt is a burden that most of us find the most difficult to carry. So, it’s only wise to pay it off as soon as you can.

EMIs and credit card bills only keep making your expenses bigger with their interest rates. I’ve learnt it the hard way. I used to never use credit cards, neither did I ever have any debt. But then sometimes I used to buy an expensive dress or something with my credit card and forget to pay it. I was very ignorant towards my credit card bills, I never paid them on time. That’s when my husband sat me down and explained what’s happening because of it. It was an eye opener.

That’s when I decided no matter what, the first thing I would do on receiving any bill is – Pay it off!

personal finance 101



Freelance to earn that extra ₹

A lot of businesses are hiring freelance professionals. It saves them overhead costs and there’s much more flexibility with freelancers. Freelancing benefits both brands and professionals.

So, go look for that one extra project. Or just consult for free to build good network. Earning that extra ₹ now will go a long way.

Also, if a lot of companies adopt the work from home culture, freelancing is going to pick up pace in India too. So be ahead of the game and start now!


Avoid panic buying

Don’t panic buy anything. Not even groceries. We Indians are lucky as we have stores at every corner of the lane. There will always be enough for all of us.

Moreover, if you don’t panic buy, you leave something behind for someone who really needs it. :)

Panic buying can result in a lot of food wastage, creates food shortage and that’s the last thing we want now. Buy only what you need, plan a trip to the market once in 15 days. This not just helps others but also saves you a lot of money. It’s a win-win.


Prepare an emergency fund

Yes, prepare an emergency fund. I don’t know whether you have one right now or not, but start it if you don’t. An emergency fund needs to cover expenses for your family for at least six months if not more.

Start putting aside whatever you can. This emergency fund will help you when you most need it. Your future self will thank you for this. <3


Make a monthly budget module

Earn, create, implement, review.

A monthly budget module will put things in perspective. It’s pretty easy to do actually, first you earn, then you create a finance plan, then implement it over the month, and at the end of the month review it.

This will not only help you now, but also when you have a lot of money to handle and it gets a bit overwhelming to track. So, build this habit now.


earning money


I’m sure with following these simple financial tips you can take on any personal finance hurdles thrown at you.

Here are the beautiful advices and experiences shared by some extremely kind, hard-working people:
(Click on their names to visit their profile)
Lakshmi Sharath
Travel Blogger

How are you managing your finances? 
I have a budget planned in the beginning of my month and I label it under 
different heads. I don’t have a spreadsheet but I check my bank balance 
and the statement to see if any of these have increased. If I tend to 
overspend in any category then I tend to adjust it with something else. 
I also have a budget planned for travel, work as well and I don’t 
mix my personal and professional budgets. I plan my budget for these 
every three months based on income. I am obviously not travelling now but 
it’s also a very lean period to earn and so that there is a balance there. 
I am trying not to dip into my savings. 

Advice to others? 
I am not the best to give advice but one thing is to be very careful on 
what you are spending. We are basically mindless when we spend and now 
this emergency has made me pay attention to the finances and also has 
also made me feel very mindful of my expenses.


The Wicked Soul
Content Creator

How are you managing your finances? 
I manage my entire finances on an excel sheet. Generally, I maintain a list 
of my monthly income and simply split them up into Investments (mutual funds), 
Upcoming fixed expenses (groceries, EMIs, travel etc), and annual/quarterly 
expenses (Health Insurance, Life insurance etc.) And I splurge what’s left after. 
Now, due to the lockdown, all incomes & splurging is on hold ☹ 
Time to fall back on my emergency fund.

Advice to others?
1. Create a Rainy Day fund. You should have enough cash to cover you for 6 
months in case of an emergency. Never dip into this account for anything 
unless its an emergency.
2. Invest!! Mutual Funds are one of the simplest ways to build for the future. 
3. It’s never too late to start, no matter what they say.


Juhee Mehta
How are you managing your finances?

Firstly by constantly controlling and supervising the accounts. 
Create a particular budget and to consolidate the debt. 
Slashing and removing unnecessary expenses and by reviewing and 
understanding the credit reports.
When do you see your clinic opening back to normal?
Well, the union health ministry has issued guidelines for dental professionals 
in view of the ongoing pandemic. 
It states that the clinics in containment zone are to be shut and the ones 
in other zones can only perform emergency cases (swelling, bleeding,etc). 
Since, dentistry field is to deal with saliva, 
blood which are rich in viral load, only selective treatments are allowed. 
The treatments producing aerosols are evacuated. 
It will take a long time for the things to get back to normal, or you can say, 
this is the new normal.
Advice to others?

Advice to other patients is to maintain the oral health by regular flossing, 
brushing twice a day and using mouth wash. 
In case of dental help seek a tele consultancy with your dentist.
Advice to other dentists?

Use a proper sterilization protocol to prevent any cross infection. 
Take a thorough case history of patient on the dental chair. 
Wear a proper PPE kit & use N95 mask & treat every patient with due precaution.
All elective/routine treatments should be deferred until new set of 
guidelines are issued. 
Advice for everyone in general? 
Stay home, stay safe! 😇


Yash Joshi
How do you manage your finances? 

I manage my finances using a spreadsheet. It has formulas for everything. 
So I exactly know the money in my bank and also know how much debt I am in. 
Knowing that money that exists in the bank isn't actually there 
when I subtract the debts. This helps me overspending. 
Advice to others?

Safety net:
First thing everyone needs to do is create a safety fund. 
Develop a safety fund in your account so that your entire family can 
survive for 12 months atleast without any income. 
After that maybe you can think of splurging a bit. 

"Invest in appreciating assets not depreciating ones"
Electronics, cars are depreciating assets. 
They break your capital quickly than you realize. 
Invest on learning new skill.
Invest in long term plans/mutual funds/stocks.
Invest in SIPs 
. You can start investing in an SIP as low as Rs. 1000 a month.


Rahul Jawahrani
Business Strategy & Management Consultant

How do you manage your finances?

I’ve always focused on fiscal prudence, much before Covid. 
Since I have no liabilities- I manage to invest 40% of my pay check 
in SIPs & mutual funds. Today I feel secure knowing that even if 
things go bad, I am assured. I manage to keep my personal expenses 
- partying, going out to upto 20% of my pay check. 
I contribute 20% of my pay check at home and the other 20% is 
work related expenses. 

Advice to others?

You need a robust financial roadmap. That you need to modify basis 
your life situation & you need to commit to it. 

Any other thoughts? 

Since I’ve worked with IBM, I’ve been used to working from home. 
I always strongly advocated enterprise mobility. Just most people 
are new to it hence going out of the way to justify their 
productivity. When we get used to it, things should be fine. 
WFH also enables companies to keep their opex low & helps employees 
have greater flexibility with time & more money in the hands. 
Also it’s good for the environment since lesser congestion on roads 
& lower carbon emissions. 
What id like to add - business cycles are temporary. 
Yes Covid has a huge financial impact but the fundamentals of our 
business are robust so let’s keep the faith & work hard!


Sandesh Mokal

How do you manage your finances? 

I live by a simple rule when it comes to managing my finance. 
50/30/20 RULE
Spend 50% of your net income on your needs i.e. House rent, groceries, 
utilities, gas etc. Spend 30% of your net income on your wants. 
Yes there is a huge difference between needs and wants. Wants are 
something you can live without but with a slight inconvineince,
like shopping, going to the movies, dinning out, travelling etc.
Save and invest the remaining 20%. Make a recurring deposit, SIP etc.

Advice to others?
Live by the 50/30/20 rule.
Palolem Beach, Beaches of South Goa, Guide to south Goa

Guide To South Goa | How to go, where to go and where to eat in South Goa?

A travel guide to help you discover the best of South Goa. This Guide to South Goa is all you need to explore the best of this serene destination. 

South Goa is the best part of Goa. It’s like how North Goa was decades ago, secluded beaches and abundant nature. Some people say South Goa is ‘under-developed’. Well, that’s the beauty of it.

Are you looking to rejuvenate, gulp down beers and relish Goan cuisine? It’s South Goa you’re looking for!

Find out below places to be in South Goa, how to get there, where to shop, where to eat, how to travel around South Goa and much more in the guide below.


 How to get to South Goa?

Landed at Goa International Airport / Karmali Railway Station?

Goa Airport

Image via Google

Here’s how to get to South Goa:

South Goa from Goa airport & Karmali Railway Station is about 1hr 30 minutes away.

To get to South Goa from here you can

– Hire a taxi from or around the Goa airport / Karmali Railway Station. It will cost you around INR 1500-2000.

– Board a bus from in front of the airport/railway station to Kadamba Bus Station. From Kadamba Bus Station, you need to hire another bus, which goes directly to Panjim. From Panjim you will get a bus to your South Goa destination easily. This entire journey will cost you around INR 300-500.

– Rent a bike in Vasco. You can hire the bike for your entire vacation and return it on your last day. In Vasco, the bike charges will be anywhere between INR 300-500. Bikes will help you travel around Goa much easily.


Got down at Madgaon Railway Station?

Here’s how to get to your destination:

Madgaon Railway Station will probably be very close to your destination in South Goa. Thus, you will have all the travel options easily available.

To get to South Goa from here you can

– Hire a taxi / rickshaw. They will charge you anywhere between INR 800-1200.

– Rent a bike for your entire vacation. Bike will cost you around INR 250-300 per day.

– Take a bus and then a rickshaw. Bus may not be able to drop you in front of your hotel, but it will take you closer to your destination. Then you can hire a rickshaw, which will be cheaper. This will cost you anywhere between INR 250-500.


Where can you stay in South Goa?


South Goa is huge and every place has something to offer. You can select your destination based on what you would like to do/see. Below is a short cheat plan to help you decide where to stay in South Goa.

Good food + Clean, lonely beaches + Away from the city = Canacona

Chic shacks + Clean beaches and lot of tourists + Romantic getaway = Cavelossim

Closer to the airport / railway station + City like atmosphere = Bogmalo

Wildlife + Abundant Nature = Sanguem


Below I’ve mentioned few stay options for all the above destinations:



Airbnb is your best bet for Canacona. We stayed in a Bungalow, which had a beach as its backyard. It was crazy good!

Stay will cost you INR 1500 and above per night in Canacona. Check out some of the below options:


Eco friendly AC hut Mars:

Click here to book. | INR 3600/night


Studio Apartment A w/River View near Talpona Beach:

Click here to book. | INR 2000/night


AC Riverfront 2 BD Apartment Talpona/Patnem beach:

Click here to book. | INR 3950/night



You will be spoilt for choice here. There are so many beautiful hotels, it’s going to be a task to settle down on one. Check out the few of them below:


Karma Royal Haathi Mahal:

Click here to book. | INR 5723/night


Holiday Inn Resort Goa:

Click here to book. | INR 8500/night


Jacks Place

Click here to book. | INR 2500/night


The Leela, Goa

Click here to book. | INR 18000/night



Hotels and destination is perfect for corporate visits. With little to see, you can finish that and then relax in your hotel swimming pool when in Bogmalo. Check out the below options:


Bogmallo Beach Resort:

Click here to book. | INR 6500/night


Beach Bay Cottages:

Click here to book. | INR 3500/night


Devasthali – The Valley Of Gods:

Click here to book. | INR 3200/night



Who wouldn’t want to stay in hotels surrounded by nature? In Sanguem, you will find the calmest stays. Check few options below:


Dudhsagar Farmstay:

Click here to book. | INR 2400/night


Villa Romilla:

Click here to book. | INR 6000/night


Casa De Xanti:

Click here to book. | INR 5000/night


Mangal Homestay:

Click here to Inquire.


Must visit beaches in South Goa

Colva Beach:

The most celebrated beaches of South Goa has to be Colva beach. The coconut trees flank the scenery and are a delight to look at. The Menino Jesus statue has to be visited when at Colva beach; it’s a famous landmark sculpture. 


Where to eat?

– Sandpat Beach Shack

– Colva Beach Resort

– Leda Lounge and Restaurant

– Mickey’s Restaurant


Cavelossim Beach:

White sands, pretty shacks and super clean beach is what makes Cavelossim Beach a traveller’s favourite destination in South Goa.

Sunbathing, dolphin spotting, swimming, enjoying outdoor sports across the beach, and water sports are some fun activities you can indulge in at Cavelossim beach.  


Where to eat?

  • Dom’s Beach Shack
  • Mike’s Place
  • Hotel Kinara

(My go-to place to eat was Hotel Kinara. They served fresh seafood and paired it with good music and even better alcohol. All hail Cashew-Feni!)


Cola Beach:

The rock, lonely road to Cola Beach might make you reconsider your decision of visiting the beach, but it’s worth it. Cola beach is one of the rare and most cherished beach of Goa. It offers travellers the most soothing surroundings, as the location is hidden from the mainstream view.

Clean, quiet and dreamy, Cola beach hosts a hidden gem – the blue lagoon.

The lagoon is surrounded by tall, beautiful palm trees. One can’t help but get lost in the mesmerising beauty of this place. Tourists enjoy swimming and kayaking in this blue water lagoon as much as the sea.


Where to eat?

Krishna Paradise Beach Resort


Agonda Beach:

Oh, such a beautiful beach!

Clear blue water, small serene lagoon, coconut trees and majestic rocks makes this beach a nature lover’s paradise. If you’re looking to get away from the hustle-bustle of tourists and enjoy a quiet beach, this one is for you.

Agonda beach is extremely popular as the nesting ground of olive ridley sea turtles.

It’s advised to not go swimming and surfing at Agonda Beach as the water is too choppy during high tides. Nevertheless, you can enjoy this romantic beach during low tides to the fullest.


Where to eat?

  • White Sand Restaurant
  • Blue Planet Cafe
  • La Dolce Vita
  • Fatima’s Corner


Butterfly Beach:

Butterfly beach, also known as the honeymoon beach, is the most secluded beaches of Goa. Why? Because it’s difficult / impossible to reach this beach by foot. It’s surrounded by a thick dense forest on one side, and a vast sea on the other, making it a private spot for visitors.

Then how do we reach Butterfly beach? Well, you can hire a boat from Palolem Beach and Agonda beach to visit Butterfly beach.

This is a perfect spot for picnic, so plan your day accordingly. Visit this beach around sunset as it offers a magnificent sight of the same. Some wine and light romantic music is all you will need to make the most of butterfly beach. If you’re lucky, you will spot Dolphins too! 😉


Where to eat?

There are no shacks on Butterfly beach. You can enjoy delicious meals at Palolem beach.


Galgibaga Beach:

Yet another beach with yet another beautiful lagoon. Clear waters, silver sandy beach surrounded by coconut trees and beautiful rocks makes Galgibaga beach one of the most beautiful beach in Goa.

Olive Ridley turtles visit the Galgibaga beach to use it as a nesting ground. This is a rare sight and if you get to see it, consider yourself to be super lucky.

Looking for the most charming place to visit in old Goa? Then consider it to be found!

Galgibaga beach is at its natural best and is termed as one of the most cleanest beaches of India.


Where to eat?

  • Deepshika Restaurant


Palolem Beach:

The most happening beach of South Goa. You will find everything you need at this touristy beach. Palolem beach is a gateway to good food, best water sports and even better natural views.

On visiting the beach, you will spot rows of boats. You can hire these to go to Butterfly beach to enjoy Dolphin spotting.

Palolem beach gained popularity due to its white sand and serene views. This is by far the most touristy beach of South Goa. Don’t worry, it’s worth your visit!


Where to eat?

  • Magic Italy Authentic Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
  • Dropadi Bar & Restaurant
  • Cafe Del Mar
  • Hi-Tide Coco Huts
  • Havana Cuba Bar & Restaurant


Mobor Beach:

As fancy as it can get, Mobor beach is equipped with bars, discos, casinos, fancy eateries and much more. Mobor beach is an extension of Cavelossim Beach and leads to Betul beach. The cool white sand and luxurious restaurants and guests, makes Mobor beach a favourite amongst all tourists.
Mobor beach also offers tourists the opportunity to engage in some of the more exclusive water activities like underwater fishing and oyster catching.


Where to eat?

  • Sam’s Beach Shack
  • Betty’s Place
  • The Fisherman’s Wharf


Betul Beach:

Located alongside Mobor beach, Betul beach has 2 entries. One that leads to this white sandy beach and other which leads to its small lagoon.

Betul beach is famous for fishing and you will often find tourists and locals fishing before sundown. Some locals claim the lagoon is the best spot for Dolphin Spotting and one can easily spot them during sunsets.


Where to eat?

  • Shalraya Bar and Restaurant
  • Super Bar and Restaurant
  • Centre Bar and Restaurant


Benaulim Beach:

Ideal destination for sun lovers, Benaulim beach is believed to be the most enchanting beaches in Goa.

One can indulge in adventure activities like boat rides, parasailing, jet skiing and windsurfing.


Where to eat?

– Rafaels Beach Shack

– Johncy Bar & Restaurant

– Royal Goan Beach Club

– Lotus Resort Benaulim.


Where to shop in South Goa?

There are not as many shops in South Goa as North Goa. But, Palolem, Panjim, and Margao Market are perfect to shop for souvenirs.


Palolem Beach Market:

With reasonably priced stuff, you should not think twice before letting the shopaholic in you lose. You will find a mix of home decor, clothing, accessories, souvenirs and much more in this market.

The market is arranged keeping in mind the tourists and the hippie culture. Thus, it will not leave you disappointed.


Panjim Market:

When in Panjim, do all your shopping at Panjim Market. It’s ‘the’ place for cheap alcohol, salted cashews and all things pretty. Be it souvenirs or local decor items, you will get the best items here. It’s priced a bit on the higher side but bargaining sure helps.

When in Panjim Market, do visit Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception Panjim.


Margao Municipal Market:

Are you a compulsive shopper? Then Margao Municipal Market is where you should be shopping. You will get the best experience of street shopping for handicrafts, artefacts and more.

The friendliness of the shopkeepers makes this place an instant hit amongst tourists.




Need more information? Then drop a comment and we will get right back at you! :)


Do let me know how did you like the blog. Hope it helps! :)

things to do in Nusa Penida


Nusa Penida, the largest of the three Nusa Islands is located just off from mainland Bali. We highly recommend you to visit one or all of these three islands, whenever you visit Bali. The other two islands, namely Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, are closely located and can be visited in a day. All of them are gifted with uniquely picturesque landscapes. There are a lot of places to visit in Nusa Penida, but we’ll focus on a select few.

Nusa Penida being the largest of the three Nusa Islands has a lot to offer. There are so many impressive landscapes to visit in Nusa Penida, but before we get to places to visit in Nusa Penida, let’s get the planning sorted.


How to get to Nusa Penida from Bali?

places to visit in nusa penida

We’ve been to Nusa Penida twice, and both of these times we took a speed boat from Sanur to Nusa Penida. We paid around $40 to get there both the times. Our suggestion to you is to bargain and get the price down as much as you can, because these guys charge a bomb initially.

If you’re staying in Bali… you can book the tickets at the port nearest to you or ask your hotel / taxi guy to help you book it. There’s a tour guide in almost every market of Bali selling tickets to Nusa and Gili Islands, catch hold of them and get your job done. You can either take day trips to Nusa Penida or stay a night or two to explore the most of it. We suggest staying 3 days to make the most of the Island.

You can book your tickets online too, but then you can’t bargain. The top rated Nusa Penida day tour includes hotel pick-up and drop-off from Bali, lunch, travel and guide.


Navigating Nusa Penida

places to visit in nusa penida

You’ve two options here, you either rent a bike or hire a taxi. Which is cheaper is not a surprise. You will have to be practical when choosing between the two.

The roads when we first visited the Nusa Penida island were pretty rough which didn’t compliment the sharp turns. This is not the case now. Owing to the increase in the number of tourists in Nusa Penida, the roads are being maintained and some of them feel heavenly combined with the breathtaking view. There are still a few which are extremely rocky and unsafe for a bike. Thus, to be safe we would always recommend hiring a taxi, but if you’re an expert rider then you can try your luck with the bikes.

A taxi for 8 hrs comes for around 400000 IDR, whereas a bike comes for around 70000 IDR. You do the math, calculate the risks and take a call!


6 places to visit in Nusa Penida

1. Pura Goa Giri Putri Cave

The Pura Goa Giri Putri Cave sits in the middle of a mountain, accessible by a steep staircase. To be allowed in the temple, you’ll have to rent a sarong. We were greeted by a few rogue monkeys on our way up, so ensure you keep the food items away to avoid attacks. We were absolutely unsure of what to expect when we reached the top, to our surprise we were greeted with some holy water on the forehead. Post that a priest led us through a tiny crack in the ground. Again unsure of what was ahead, we were pleasantly surprised.

places to visit in nusa penida

Inside the cave


places to visit in nusa penida

Entrance of the cave

The roof opened up and we were inside a 300m long cave, the priest left us there and we explored the rest of the cave on our own. There were idols which we knew nothing about and pretty stairways. We took in the view but missed the history behind it. So we suggest you to hire a guide to take you through the cave. The end of the cave opened up to a lovely view of the mountain. There are stairs to take you down, but we didn’t take that risk as there was nobody to accompany us. Overall, the cave is cold, the eerie atmosphere is worth enjoying and this is for sure a different experience.

places to visit in nusa penida

View from the end of the cave

2. Atuh Beach

places to visit in nusa penida

Usually, the guides in Nusa Penida will skip adding Atuh beach to your places to visit in Nusa Penida list. Reason being that it’s too far and will require a day to visit. But we recommend you stay that extra day and visit Atuh beach.. here’s why

Atuh beach is far off from the rest of the Nusa Penida attractions, and you will almost need an entire day to explore it. The road that leads to Atuh beach was super rocky and unfit for bike rides. But the view… the view is spectacular.

places to visit in nusa penida

Atuh Beach is a white sand beach encircled by huge cliffs and remarkable rock formations. We had to climb a few flights down (about 10 mins) to get to the beach. The going down is easy, the coming up is challenging! God bless the unfit.

While climbing down the stairs of Atuh Beach, we spotted a baby shark swimming close to the shore. It was a matter of few seconds and we failed to capture the moment clearly. But, we’re super happy to have spotted it. We explored the shore and the ocean before enjoying fresh coconut and indulging in a fresh sea food meal.

3. Kelingking Beach

places to visit in nusa penida

Your places to visit in Nusa Penida list will be incomplete without the Kelingking Beach. This is A MUST VISIT!

Kelingking beach, famously known as ‘T-Rex’, is by far my favourite attraction in Nusa Penida. This coastal cliffs cape is super famous on Instagram and doesn’t disappoint. I remember the first time I saw the beach from the top, it was mesmerising. We watched the crystal clear water form into a wave before reaching the shore.

We couldn’t hike down to the beach as we were short on time, but we definitely recommend it to you. Wear your best sports shoes before you trek down to the beach.

places to visit in nusa penida

We enjoyed the view from the top and went half way down to click those Instagram worthy pictures 😉


 4. Crystal Bay Beach

places to visit in nusa penida

places to visit in nusa penida

Crystal bay is usually the last or second last attraction the guides will take you to on Nusa Penida. The crystal clear water takes all your tiredness away and offers you the rejuvenation you desire. The view from the beach is eye-pleasing but the boat ride to the middle of the beach is what will impress you the most. The guides on Nusa Penida island ensure that crystal beach is included in your places to visit in Nusa Penida list. This is due to the popular tourist reviews and the crystal clean water. Don’t think twice before diving in the crystal clear water of the Crystal Bay Beach.

5. Angel’s Billabong

places to visit in nusa penida

places to visit in nusa penida

Angel’s Billabong is the real infinity pool! As it is with all the tidal pools you need to arrive at the right time of day. If you visit Angel’s Billabong during high-tide you will experience an extremely different pool, you must visit it during the low-tide to enjoy it to the fullest. The uniqueness of this landscape makes it the highly photographed spot in Nusa Penida. The crystal clear water lets you see beneath the surface and is perfect for a little deep.


6. Broken Beach

places to visit in nusa penida


Broken Beach is an incredible coastal inlet on the Nusa Penida island. The reason why it is called Broken Beach is because of the archway that wraps around the bay, while the water flows in and out from the ocean. When thinking about places to visit in Nusa Penida, listing down Broken Beach is a must!

places to visit in nusa penida

places to visit in nusa penida

The arch at Broken Beach has been formed over many years and is now a beautiful spectacle. Sadly, there is no way to go down to the beach and take a refreshing dip. Thankfully, Angel’s Billabong blesses you with that. So, enjoy the view at the Broken beach and dip at the Angel’s Billabong.


To sum it all up, just enjoy the view, be safe and make the most of your time at Nusa Penida Island. Please note, that there’s a lot more to do and see on the island but these 6 are a must!

Do check out our other blogs & keep exploring!


Bali’s 11 Incredible Beach Retreat!

Thinking beaches? Think Bali!

The salty air, the crystal clear water, the bewildering aura of the beaches in Bali is what makes it so peculiar. Sandy and I visited a lot of beaches in Bali and there ain’t one which failed to surprise us. From the moment we landed in Bali to the moment we visited Kelingking beach, we couldn’t help but fall in love. The best part about beaches in Bali is that it provides a safe haven for those looking for peace and tranquility to get away from their mundane life.

Let me take you guys through 11 of the best beaches in Bali that Sandy and I visited on our last trip.

Hopefully, these might help you too!



Saner beach / Beaches in Bali


Sanur beach greets you with super gorgeous Jukung fishing boats! Sanur’s friendly and serene aura has been and continues to attract tourists from all over the world. We were extremely mesmerised by the sunset sky. It was the most magical moment we experienced in Bali. I can assure you, just being at Sanur beach is worth your time, but if you’re still looking for activities then you can hire bicycles to go around the beach. This beach in Bali is also know for its underwater activities.






You may remember Padang Padang from Julia Roberts movie – Eat, Pray, Love. Yep, it’s the same beach. Famously known as the Surfer’s Paradise, Padang Padang is abuzz with tourists taking their surfboards out on an adventure. Apart from surfing, travellers are also seen relaxing at this tiny beach indulging in local beach food and Bintang.






This exceptionally gorgeous beach is located on one of Bali’s prettiest Island – Nusa Penida. Famous after it’s exquisite shape and the view, KelingKing beach proudly sits on every travellers bucket list.

Getting down to the beach is one hell of a task and must be attempted only if you have a brave heart. Climbing off the Kelingking beach is definitely on my bucket-list.




kuta beach


Famously known as the ‘Sunset Beach’, Kuta is one of the prettiest beaches of Bali.

Once you get past the huge shopping complex, you will be greeted by the big blue sea. Travellers find Kuta beach to be a perfect spot to indulge in shopping & watch the sunset. The variety of delicious cuisines to choose from will definitely leave you baffled.




broken beach, bali


The Broken Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches of Bali in Nusa Penida. Although driving to the beach is a nerve-wrecking task, but the tranquility from atop is worth every skipped heart beat.

After all the adventure at the broken beach, if you’re lucky enough; you might get a pretty sight of the dolphins.




green bowl beach


Tucked away into a cliff in the village of Ungasan, this beach works as the perfect relaxant from the daily hustle and bustle of mundane living. Famous for surfing, tourists also wallow into snorkeling during low tides. This beach has been blessed with two limestone caves that let you lounge after the fun activities.







Known for its happening nightlife, this beach is home to the most opulent brands and resorts. Although a bit heavy on your pocket, this is the ‘it place’ for the party animal in you.

The sunset & surfing makes this beach even more exciting for travelers. Overall, Seminyak Beach in Bali keeps you on your toes.




Tanah lot bali beach Sunset


Named after the well-known Hindu Tanah Lot Temple which is surrounded by sea water, this beach is famous for its serenity.

You might see a few travelers treat themselves of surfing but the Tanah Lot beach mostly attracts meditators due to its soothing and sacred ambience.




melasti beach


Melasti is one of the less populated beaches of Bali. It is a perfect destination to get away from the loud tourists. Melasti beach has clean blue waters that provide a beautiful swimming experience. Karma cafe will satiate your taste buds while the crystal blue water refreshes you. We indulged in delicious margarita pizza. It was one of the best evenings we spent in Bali.




Pantai Suluban - Bodytext (3)


It is amongst the most peculiar beaches of Bali. The Hidden Beach as the name suggests does not welcome you with a regular entrance. Visitors have to climb down a good amount of steps and then pass through a couple of caves to get to a view of the spectacular beach. Overshadowed by a hanging cliff, it might not serve well for sunbathers but these cliffs sure set you in the perfect mood for a bornfire party by the beach.






Jimbaran beach stretches on the Southwestern coast of Bali. This new found beach is particularly famous amongst surfers and hippies as the tender the correct amount of privacy. Jimbaran beach is famous for dinner by the sunset.


Planning a trip to Bali? Don’t miss out on these gorgeous beaches in Bali.


Have the best day ever!

Hey y’all, how are you doing?

Well, its been really long since I wrote a blog; time flies. In my defence, I’ve been crazy busy doing things that paid my bills. Ha! I got so carried away with work, that I forgot to take time out and do what I enjoy the most. Yep, blog. So, here I am with a fresh new blog post. When realisation dawned upon me, I immediately decided to take control of my life and stop getting carried away. I thought a lot and I devised a plan. A plan that will help me live the best of my life. A plan of living in the present. A plan to have the best day ever!

What is life, but a day after the other? How often do we end up saying, it’s already 2018! How often do we look back at a memory which happened 3 years back and feels like yesterday. How often do we agree with the phrase – time flies. A lot of times.

When we live aimlessly, we forget to live. We function but we don’t live. How wonderful would it be if you remembered every day of your life? It’s impossible. But, I will tell you what’s possible: Remembering something out of every day. Its high time to realise that little things matter. LITTLE THINGS MATTER. Never forget this golden rule: If it won’t matter 5 years down the line, it doesn’t matter now.

This realisation helped me devise steps to have the best day ever and ultimately the best life ever! So, here are the 10 steps to have the best day ever:

1. Set out clothes the night before

Feel like this is an unimportant task? Just do it. Do it for a week and trust me you will see the change in your day. This will save you so much time in the morning.


2. Soak in some sunlight


The minute your alarm goes off, get up and go in the sun. Getting some sunlight right after waking up brings such positivity to life. Sunlight is the best motivator of the day.


3. Exercise in the morning

While your body is soaking some sunlight, practice a 10 minute exercise. Be it spot jog, or quick yoga. Do it to get that blood pumping. This will jump-start your metabolism while boosting your energy levels. Just what’s needed for a great day, huh?


4. Make a to-do list

Take out 10 minutes to make a to-do list. Write down all the tasks you plan to accomplish that day. Make a note of all the important tasks you would want to finish off that day. This will sort your day out.

5. Set a new goal every day

No matter how big or small, set a new goal every day. Be it climbing stairs at work, or leaving work on time. Set a goal and stick to it. The feeling of accomplishing it will make you feel good about yourself. After all, that’s the purpose of living, right?


6. Eat a healthy breakfast


People who love eating are the best. And, people who love eating healthy breakfast are the happiest. A healthy breakfast is the fuel to your day. A happy tummy will result in a happy mind, thus a happy day!


7. Think something kind to yourself

Never depend on someone else to make you happy. Remember your happiness starts with you. Say something kind to yourself while looking into the mirror. One positive thought can start a chain of positive thoughts.

8. Say No

Practice saying no to something once every day. Just to practice saying no. You must realise, you cannot do everything. Thus, learn the art of saying NO.


9. Practice Gratitude

Practice gratitude daily, even if its simply for the air you breathe. Be grateful for what you receive, know that not everyone is as blessed as you. Learn to appreciate.

10. Put a smile on that face


Yes, yours. And, theirs too. Don’t forget to smile everyday and while you’re at it, put a smile on other people’s face too.


Follow these steps for a week to start feeling happier in life. Do comment below your thoughts!


Make the best out of your Bali trip. Here’s how!

Most of us would want to hire a travel agent instead of taking the effort of planning a trip from the scratch. I would rather do the latter. It’s so much more fun. On my recent trip to Bali, Sandy and I planned the entire trip from the scratch. This might seem like a lot of effort, but trust us it’s not. A little planning will result into an exciting trip to your most favourite destination.

Read on to become a profession in planning a trip to Bali:

#1 Start 3 to 6 months in advance

Spontaneous plans are fun, but expensive. Planning a trip ensures you stick to your budget and don’t go bankrupt traveling to your most favourite destination – Bali. The first step towards planning a Bali trip is to ensure you start early. Chances are you might get your airline tickets cheaper than what it would be a month before your vacation!


#2 Zero down on your vacation dates

A lot depends on your vacation dates – your flight tickets, your hotel bookings, your application for leave. Consider these things when you’re deciding your Bali vacation dates – is there a family occasion, will there be any office work?, will there be any reason why you shouldn’t book these dates? If everything is clear, congratulations, you’ve decided your vacation dates!


#3 Book your return air tickets

Bali air tickets

Book your return air tickets from Bali within a week of deciding your dates. Procrastination can turn out to be extremely expensive. Avoid it. Sandy and I decided our Bali dates almost 3 months in advance, but procrastinated buying the tickets. We booked the tickets almost a month before our dates, and we regretted immediately. We purchase unnecessarily expensive tickets to Bali. Nevertheless, we experienced a safe trip with Malindo Air. :)


#4 Decide where do you want to go within Bali


There’s a lot to see in Bali. Deciding the places you want to visit in Bali can help you book your stay easily. A blueprint or day-wise plan can help you plan your trip better and enjoy the most of this beautiful island.


#5 Start looking for resorts, villas, hotels or AirBnBs

Once your dates, air tickets, day-wise Bali plan is ready, stay should be your next concern. Start looking out for hotels, villas, resorts or AirBnBs at least 3 months before your trip to Bali. This will help you select only the best stay and at a cheap price. We made all our bookings through


#6 Zero down on your stay choices

Once you have a clear idea about the places to visit in Bali, it’s time to zero down on your stay choices. By now you will have a clear idea about where will you go in Bali and when. Thus, decide a place that matches your day-wise plan. Google the distance between your hotel and your destinations of the day to avoid booking a far-away hotel.


#7 How do you plan to travel – Car, Cab or Bike?

When in Bali, travel is a big concern. Decide beforehand how will you travel within Bali. Most tourists prefer renting a bike, but this might not be a good option considering you’ll be out in the sun at all times. Sandy and I switched between private cabs and bluebirds depending on our distance of travel. Both the transports were extremely comfortable and not very cheap. We recommend private cabs for daily hire and bluebirds for short distances or while shifting hotels.


#8 Where do you plan to eat?


It’s absolutely okay to not know where to eat in Bali. We took it head on and Bali surprised us every now and then. We recommend you visit local markets and eat in whichever restaurant pleases your eye and your pocket. 😉 If you’re a vegetarian, Balinese food is not your best bet. Stick to what you like to avoid having an unpleasant experience in Bali.


#9 How much do you plan to spend?

A rough budget of how much are you planning to spend will help ease your spends. We had a basic figure in mind, and we managed to stick to it. A budget will help you decide what is worth spending on and what is not worth your penny. I kept a track of our expenses in Bali to avoid overspending and know where it all went. Moreover, when I look back at the spends sheet it brings back so many pleasant memories!


#10 What to pack?


Do not overpack. When in Bali, comfort should be your sidekick. You will not wear those heels, so don’t pack them! After coming back from my trip, I realised, I didn’t use 70% of my clothes. Thus, understand your needs and pack accordingly. When in Bali, less is merrier! 😉


#11 Plan your activities

Your Bali trip will be incomplete without adventurous activities. So, plan them! Want to do snorkelling? Plan it. Where do you want to do? When do you want to do? How can you go about doing it? If you leave this unplanned, half your Bali vacation will go in booking tickets for your activities. To avoid that and enjoy the beauty of Bali, plan ahead.


#12 Make copies of your Passport / ID card!

Honestly, we didn’t need them. But, that does not mean you wouldn’t. As visiting Bali does not require any visa, keeping copies of your passport / ID card will help you stay safe. Just keep the copies for the sake of it.


Do this and we assure you, you will have the most fulfilling trip to Bali. For any more details about our trip or to get any more queries about Bali answered, comment below! :)

Have a safe trip!


Things One Needs to Know Before Visiting Bali!

Most of you know that I’m visiting Bali on 17th of July. How? Because I’m pretty vocal about it on my Instagram stories. Hm. That being said, visiting Bali, Indonesia will be my 1st international trip ever!

I’ve travelled exceptionally well within India, but going international is a virgin territory and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve always taken life head on and have barely researched before jumping in a situation. Not a great trait, I agree. But that’s me. Bali, for an extremely strange reason was an exception and I went ahead and read a lot about the place. I also happened to ask some of my friends who have already visited this beautiful destination and were kind enough to guide me.

With such ground breaking thorough research, I’ve become an expert and have managed to type down few things one needs to know before visiting Bali.

N˚1 Busy is the 2nd word for Bali




As the number of people visiting Bali has gone up, Bali is bursting at the seams. Bali is the busiest during the peak season, i.e, July, August and September. Thus, if you’re visiting Bali during this time, well get ready to find yourself amid a crowd. The best way to visiting Bali during the peak season is to book your stay and restaurants in advance, or be prepared to shell out more than required.


N˚2 Bali’s real beauty is their local life




Kuta attracts a lot of tourists but the real Balinese experience comes from the rural parts of this island. Want more than burgers and booze, then living the local life in Bali is the way to go.


N˚3 Traffic is crazy




So they say. Traffic in Bali can make you pull your hair out. The motorists and crazy / confusing rules can ridiculously increase the travel time in Bali. Thus, when in Bali, travel smart and be safe.


N˚4 Get ’em Massages!




You don’t wanna miss out on Balinese massages. It will be a waste of a trip if you do. You can get a 90 minute high class massage with kick ass view for as low as $30! And hey, when in Bali, you deserve the rejuvenation. 😉


N˚5 No matter what’s your Budget, Bali is apt!




Bali can be a well within the budget holiday, but don’t be shocked if you spend more than you anticipated. Bali boasts luxury hotels, fine dining restaurants and exclusive bars, which you seldom can say no to. So, get ready to spend more than you planned!

N˚6 Say yes to private drivers




Exploring the streets of Bali is best done on a scooty as you can zip through the traffic. But if scooty is not an option for you, then let the private drivers of Bali pamper you. Hiring a private driver will ensure you get to see the lesser-visited tourist spots in Bali.


Now that you have your things that you need to know before visiting Bali, go book your tickets! 😛

*Continues packing bags*

places to travel in 2017

39 Places You Can Book A Flight To in 2017!

We wanted to make it easier for you to choose places to travel in 2017 and thus here are 39 alluring destinations for you to choose from.

(Wait. Did we just make the choice even more difficult? Oops!)

39. Cuba



From the allure of colorful mosaics to the vintage car-filled streets, there is plenty to love about the destination–including its sun-drenched coastline. The warm weather and turquoise water welcomes visitors year-round, as average temperatures rarely seem to dip below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. No matter which part of the country you choose, you’re guaranteed to enjoy some relaxation time on the beach.


38. Bermuda



Bermuda may be known for its pink sand beaches and colorful namesake shorts, but it will soon be synonymous with one of the world’s preeminent regattas, since the mid-Atlantic island will host the 35th America’s Cup in June 2017. Book your tickets y’all!


37. Athens



Travel to Athens is a must for history and archeology buffs, but the city’s hillsides and picturesque vistas will be equally appreciated by nature lovers. When you visit Athens, be sure to take in the city’s legendary historical sites – The Acropolis, The Parthenon, The Temple of Hephaestus, The National Archeological Museum, The Ancient Agora, and Mount Lycabettus.


36. Bali


Indonesia, Bali, Sidemen Valley, Iseh, Rice Fields and Gunung Agung Volcano

From active volcanoes to wild jungles, Bali truly has it all. But, most versatile are the many beaches that line the island’s shore. The picturesque view of the mountains complemented by blue skies is the view I’ve been dying to experience.

35. Angra dos Reis, Brazil


Angra dos Reis, Brazil

Angra dos Reis is a Brazilian municipality in southwest Rio de Janeiro state, and it’s oh-so-gorgeous! It’s made up of 365 islands and a small port surrounded by steep, forested coastline. The region is known for its many beaches and biodiverse Ilha Grande, the largest island. Vila do Abraão is the island’s main village, with amazing restaurants, bars and the St. Sebastian Church at its heart. Want to rejuvenate this 2017 in a beautiful location? Then Angra Dos Reis is your best bet!


34. Scotland



Scotland – a land of mountain wildernesses such as the Cairngorms and Northwest Highlands, interspersed with glacial glens (valleys) and lochs (lakes). Its major cities are Edinburgh, the capital, with its iconic hilltop castle, and Glasgow, famed for its vibrant cultural scene. This is a perfect location to live a fairy tale vacation with castles, mountainous views and scenic blue skies.


33. Portugal and the Azores


Portugal and the Azores

All the islands in Portugal and the Azores have volcanic origins, although some, such as Santa Maria, have had no recorded activity since the islands were settled. Mount Pico, on the island of Pico, is the highest point in Portugal, at 2,351 m (7,713 ft). The Azores are actually some of the tallest mountains on the planet, measured from their base at the bottom of the ocean to their peaks, which thrust high above the surface of the Atlantic.


32. Croatia’s Coast


Croatia's Coast

Croatia is an Eastern European country with a long coastline on the Adriatic Sea. Encompassing more than a thousand islands, it’s also crossed by the Dinaric Alps. Dubrovnik has these gorgeously massive 16th-century walls encircling an Old Town with Gothic and Renaissance buildings is a memory you would want to create in 2017. So go get yourself some white sand, salty blue water, and the amazing vibe of Croatia!


31. Jerusalem



If you’ve had enough of beaches in 2016, Jerusalem promises to be a good change in 2017. Holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims, Jerusalem’s Old City is one of the world’s foremost pilgrimage destinations. Visit Jerusalem to walk in the footsteps of prophets, pray in buildings constructed by order of caliphs and kings, and overnight in hospices where Crusaders and cardinals have slumbered. With the soundtrack of church bells, the muezzin’s call and the shofar (ram’s horn), and the streets smelling of everything from church incense to the heady aromas of the spice souq (market), it’s a sensory and spiritual experience unlike any other.


30. New Zealand


New Zealand

As the planet heats up environmentally and politically, it’s good to know that New Zealand exists. Make this uncrowded, green, peaceful and accepting country the ultimate escape. Sometimes, it’s good to feel at peace in a world trying to rush into madness.


29.  Zimbabwe



It’s been my dream since forever to visit the majestic Victoria Falls. Get a slice of adventure, and adrenaline in a land known for its dramatic landscape and diverse wildlife.


28. Rwanda



Not many are aware of this beautiful location, neither was I until I started typing this list of destinations you could visit in 2017. Rwanda is a East African country with green, mountainous landscape. Fly down to Rwanda to get a taste of its renowned Volcanoes National Park, mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. Now, who wouldn’t want to mingle around with golden monkeys!


27. Buenos Aires


buenos aires

Buenos Aires combines faded European grandeur with Latin passion. Sexy and alive, this beautiful city gets under your skin, and for all the right reason. Soak some sun in this colourful city for a happy 2017!


26. Chilean Patagonia


Chilean Patagonia

If you’re like me, you would rather go to someplace unknown than known. Chilean Patagonia is a mountainous region in the southern part of South America. It’s beautiful setting will be a fantastic backdrop to just ponder over life in general. Would’t it?


25. Uruguay



Progressive, stable, safe and culturally sophisticated, Uruguay offers visitors opportunities to experience everyday ‘not made for tourists’ moments, whether caught in a cow-and-gaucho traffic jam on a dirt road to nowhere or strolling with mate-toting locals along Montevideo’s beachfront. Short-term visitors will find plenty to keep them busy in cosmopolitan Montevideo, picturesque Colonia and party-till-you-drop Punta del Este.


24. Belgrade, Serbia


Belgrade, Serbia

Warm, welcoming and a hell of a lot of fun – everything you never heard about Serbia seems to be true. Visit Serbia to know why it needs to be famous for the forts, churches, museums, and picturesque locations.


23. Cambodian Coast


Cambodian Coast

Fly down to Cambodian Coast to answer the call of the beach, the South Coast will not disappoint. While brash Sihanoukville isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the islands offshore have something for everyone from die-hard partiers to those seeking sandy solitude. Pick your beach, sprawl on the sand, make friends with your hammock. There’s a reason many visitors decide to never leave.


22. Guayaquil, Ecuador


Guayaquil, Ecuador

Guayaquil is a port city in Ecuador, known as a gateway to Pacific beaches and the Galapagos Islands. Stretching along the Guayas River is the waterfront Simón Bolívar promenade, home to La Rotonda monument. In the north, Las Peñas is a neighbourhood full of colorful houses. Stairs lined with cafes and art galleries lead up Santa Ana Hill, site of Santa Ana chapel, a lighthouse and views of the city. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?


21. Cincinnati, Ohio


Cincinnati, Ohio

Get a spoonful of wildlife, art museum, conservatory, casino, underground rail and more at Cincinnati, Ohio. Make this your summer vacation, and we promise you will never regret.


20. Helsinki, Finland


Helsinki Cathedral from the public square below on a December day.

It’s fitting that harbourside Helsinki, capital of a country with such watery geography, entwines so spectacularly with the Baltic’s bays, inlets and islands. While Helsinki can seem a younger sibling to the Scandinavian capitals, it’s the one that went to art school, scorns pop music and works in a cutting-edge studio. The design scene here is one of the most electrifying in the world today, with boutiques, workshops and galleries proliferating in the Design District, Helsinki’s thoroughfares and intriguing backstreets. The city’s foodie scene is also flourishing, with hip eateries offering locally sourced tasting menus, craft-beer bars, coffee roasteries and microdistilleries popping up at dizzying speed.


19. Belfast, Northern Ireland


Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast, Northern Ireland is definitely where I would love love love to visit over and over again. From the beautiful botanical gardens to the majestic castles, Belfast has so much more to offer. Also, here’s to future husband, this would be one ideal honeymoon destination.


18. Honolulu, Hawaii


Honolulu, Hawaii

An all in one destination. It’s known for being a volcanic landmark with military history, and also for its uber fantastic snorkelling activities at the beach. Hawaii is the vacation you deserve!


17. Hamburg, Germany






16. Noosa Heads, Australia


Noosa Heads, Australia

Noosa is one of Australia’s most fashionable resort towns, a salubrious hub backing onto crystalline waters and pristine subtropical rainforest. The town is located within the Noosa Biosphere Reserve, a Unesco-recognised area famous for its highly diverse ecosystem. While planning a trip to the land down under, don’t forget to visit the gorgeous Noosa!


15. Nashville, Tennessee


Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, capital of Tennessee, lies almost in the center of the state on the Cumberland River. With its many universities and colleges, along with its superb reproduction of the Parthenon, it’s often called the “Athens of the South.”  The city serves as an excellent jumping-off point to explore the rest of Tennessee, and Nashville’s surroundings offer many historical and recreational attractions, including old plantations and Civil War sites.


14. Madagascar



Get moving in Madagascar already! Madagascar is unlike anywhere you will ever be – fantastically beautiful, amazingly diverse for its size (similar to France) and still so unspoiled. Vast tracts of the country are virtually uninhabited and seldom explored, and nothing comes easy. But that’s what makes it so unique and rewarding.


13. Hampi, India



The magnificent ruins of Hampi dot an unearthly landscape that has captivated travellers for centuries. Heaps of giant boulders perch precariously over miles of undulating terrain, their rusty hues offset by jade-green palm groves, banana plantations and paddy fields. While it’s possible to see this World Heritage Site in a day or two, plan on lingering for a while. It will be worth every moment.


12. Norfolk, Virginia


City of Norfolk

Set on the shores of Chesapeake Bay and part of the Hampton Roads metropolitan area, Norfolk is a historical city with a long standing connection to the ocean and is known in particular for Naval Station Norfolk, the largest naval base in the world. In the vibrant downtown area, visitors can experience some of the history first-hand by visiting Nauticus and touring the Battleship Wisconsin, stopping by the Hampton Roads Naval Museum, taking a Naval Base Cruise, or hopping aboard a tall ship for a quick sail.


11. Panama City



Panama city is famed for colonial-era landmarks like the neoclassical Palacio Presidencial and bougainvillea-filled plazas lined with cafes and bars.


10. Paros, Greece


Paros, Greece

Paros is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea best known for its beaches and traditional villages. Parikia, the bayside capital, is a boating and transportation hub for the Cyclades region. The north coast’s Kolimbithres is a beach where naturally sculpted rocks form swimming coves. For an over the top experience, book a flight to Paros soon.


9. Perth, Australia



Perth, capital of Western Australia, sits where the Swan River meets the southwest coast. Sandy beaches line its suburbs, and the huge, riverside Kings Park and Botanic Garden on Mt. Eliza offer sweeping views of the city. The Perth Cultural Centre houses the state ballet and opera companies, and occupies its own central precinct, including a theatre, art galleries and the Western Australian Museum.


8. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

With giant NYC less than 100 miles north and Washington, DC, due south, Philadelphia often gets knocked down the must-visit list. In many ways, though, the City of Brotherly Love can be as rewarding as its bigger neighbors.


7. Salta, Argentina


Salta, Argentina

Salta is a provincial capital in mountainous northwestern Argentina, known for its Spanish colonial architecture and Andean heritage. Explore Salta for the outstanding architecture, and art!


6. Leh Ladakh, India



Drive off to nowhere with a view like this? Yes please! Leh Ladakh will inspire you to an extent you would never imagine. It will inspire you to seek more in life, seek better, seek beautiful, seek peaceful. It will teach you to be calm outside, while being eccentric inside. Visit Leh Ladakh for a life altering experience.


5. Himalayas, India


Himalayas India

Waking up to the view of beautiful snow clad mountains is a dream I wish to soon tick off. Go to Himalayas to live off the edge every moment, to be with people who won’t ever judge you, to know what it feels like to be alive and kicking!


4. Seychelles



When I think of the Seychelles all the colours in my mind go electric. The sun reflecting off the white sand, turquoise water, green jungles and fiery sunsets make everything surreal, a tropical dream-come-true. No matter how many times I heart about this bijou archipelago, its beauty still leaves me wanting to hear for more. I can’t wait to happily spend my days lazing on idyllic beaches at Seychelles!


3. Rome, Italy



A heady mix of haunting sights, awe-inspiring art and vibrant street life, Italy’s Eternal City is one of the world’s most beautiful and inspiring capitals.


2. Paris



Why is Paris on this list? For the romance. You live once, if you don’t feel the romance now, then when? And trust Paris to make you feel head over heels romantic! Pack your bags now, as an outstanding concentration of 180 museums and monuments await you!


1. New York, New York


New York

Number 1 on this list. My most favourite destination. Epicenter of the arts. Dining and shopping capital. Trendsetter. New York City wears many crowns, and spreads an irresistible feast for all. While there are many reasons to fall for New York, I’ve always wanted to experience the energy in NYC. There’s so much creativity in the air, with wildly imaginative works filling the city’s galleries and concert halls – not to mention its restaurants, with ever more inventive mash-ups of global cuisines. I can’t wait to be there!

So, which of these destinations will make your 2017 memorable?

Eat pray love

It’s finally time to cross over – Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

“I think I deserve something beautiful.”

What an excellent quote by Elizabeth Gilbert from Eat, Pray, Love. One thought that inspired the author to travel 3 different countries in search of…everything. Eat, Pray, Love is a true story based on the novelist and journalist Elizabeth Gilbert. Her story will take you through some closely relatable situations. That is exactly what makes Eat, Pray, Love connect with so many souls world wide.

American writer Elizabeth Gilbert begins her memoir, Eat Pray Love with a vivid description of her crying alone on the bathroom floor. She is married to the wrong man, has found herself on the repressive suburban baby track and is living a seemingly perfect life that she sadly doesn’t want. This is not something I relate to, but the story moves on.

Those bathroom-floor moments are a rite of passage for the thirtysomething brigade (mine, thankfully, never came).

With that image of a terribly private moment, the author captured the attention of a huge female book-buying audience in the United States and beyond. Gilbert, a journalist and author based in New York, is 34 at the time the book was set.

As her crisis plays out, she appeals to God, divorces her husband, has a doomed affair, and leaves for a year of self-discovery and healing. “I wanted to explore the art of pleasure in Italy, the art of devotion in India and, in Indonesia, the art of balancing the two,” she writes. Her year of traveling, right from Italy to the mystique farms of Bali is what I related to the most. This is exactly what I desire, exploring new cities, meeting new people, eating good food, learning about new cultures, and living life one experience after the other.

Eat, Pray, Love… these three words correspond to the book’s three sections. These in turn refer to a highly schematised year of Gilbert’s life, in which she lived consecutively in three different countries – Italy, India and Indonesia – to fulfil that title more or less on demand. In Italy she eats, in India she lives in an ashram, in Indonesia she finds physical passion.

Overall, this book can be read once for the joy of eating, praying, and loving! 😉


Future of Jobs – An initiative by Axis Bank


Human jobs are being replaced by machines. Why? To save production cost.
But, what we fail to realise is, the lack of jobs that mankind will face in the future.
How do you plan to combat it world?
Thus, Axis Bank has started an initiative to encourage people to share 1 idea that can create 1 million jobs in the future. This idea can be around 750-800 words, and explain how can it create 1 million jobs in the future.
We all want our lives to become easier – from daily chores to manufacturing units, automation has taken over our entire lives. Thus, think and come up with innovative things. Why? Because it’s the need of the hour.

There has to be a way out of this lack of jobs and I am sure there is one. We need out of the box solutions, great thinkers and creative minds to come together and develop credible solutions for creating new jobs in India. Not one, not ten but millions of jobs. This is the right time to predict the future by creating it and Axis Bank, with its Axis Moves initiative wants to support you!

Yes, you heard it right. Axis bank is ready to back your idea with INR 25 lacs. This can give a great start to your idea. What we are trying to  emphasising is the need of the hour – quick adaptation.

future of jobs in india

Sadly, India is all set to become the most populated country by 2022. According to labour ministry data, around one million people enter the workforce in India every month. So, where are so many jobs? If there are no jobs to compliment this rapid growing population, it will increase the poverty in the country. Thus, raise your ideas at #FutureofJobs competition, not with an objective of winning. But, with an objective of creating better lifestyle and richer country! And of course, winning does matter..after all its about that great start!

Great ideas float around in all corners of our country, but often go unheard due to the lack of a platform. They not only need financing, but also the support of the biggest stakeholders, such as the Government of India.

future of jobs in india

Here’s how everything you need to know about #FutureofJobs –

Pick any sector where you have identified a challenge or where you see an opportunity, and present your idea to create 1 million jobs in the future in India. The key question to ask yourselves is: can your idea create 1 million jobs in the future? Once that is crossed of, here’s what will help you –

Requirement: You should be between 18 and 30 years & a citizen of India to take part in the competition.

What to do next? Head over to to sign up for this initiative that is being promoted by Axis Bank.

Need more info? Head over to and watch this video –


Do follow and search this hashtag for more information on social media platforms – #FutureOfJobs

future of jobs in india