About Us


Hey you, welcome to The High Heel Talk!

I’m Ankita, a pint-sized, 20 something girl based out of Mumbai, with a penchant for Food and Travel.

My eternal passion for writing gave birth to this beautiful blog – The High Heel Talk. My perpetual urge for all things creative led me to graduate in BMM, and pursue a career in writing.

Blessed with a taste for drama and humour, this blog promises to keep all you guys entertained. Our quirky posts, or Instagrams will keep you occupied with something new every day.

There are three things I absolutely cannot live without – My soul mate, Food, and visiting picturesque destinations every now and then!

It’s heaven on Earth for me when these three come together!

In my free time (which I seldom get!), I love to read, trip on music, or unload with some beer and friends.

I have limited Fandoms, but am crazy about them –


Game Of Thrones

Harry Potter

How I Met Your Mother

Want to strike a healthy conversation with  me? Talk about any of my fandoms!

What should you expect from this Food, and Travel Blog?

Under our Food Blog section we share our recipes, must eat destinations, Food and restaurant reviews, and more!

Our Travel Blog is my utmost favourite; we write about must visit destinations, weekend getaways, and everything and anything that inspires me to write.

Apart from this, we focus on Book reviews and also Make up reviews!

What’s in this blog for you?

Impeccable, astounding articles on food, fashion, travel and more!

Go check out some of the articles here!

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P.S. Some images on the blog are sourced from Google. In case you’ve any issues, do contact us and we will take it down.