5 Things You Must Do In Nashik!


Nashik is one of Maharashtra’s must visit city. But, the same can turn out to be a disastrous trip if you do not know what to do there.

What kind of traveller will just get up, back their bags and go to Nashik? It would be the lamest thing to do!

I did it, and am not proud of what I did. We sure did have a great trip, but we couldn’t see much of Nashik as we lacked planning. The weather was great, the tea of Nashik is sure something I will miss everyday. But, what I shall miss the most are the places I never visited.

As a responsible travel blogger, I believe I must give you guys a heads up.

Nashik is beautiful. Period. It sure has a lot to offer. All we need is an eye for it’s beauty. After coming home from what seemed like an incomplete vacation, I researched a lot about famous things to do in Nashik, and sightseeing around Nashik. This made the trip I took to Nashik so much worthless. But, the fun fact is that it wasn’t that worthless a trip. We had our share of fun, and I think that’s what matters in the end.

Any how, here are 5 things you must do in Nashik no matter what-


#1 Mumbai to Nashik Road Trip



Now this is something am happy to have done on my visit to Nashik!

Mumbai to Nashik road trip is definitely a must. Sure there are other ways to get to Nashik, cheaper ways but, this road trip is beyond compare.

With the sexiest highway to drive on, road trip to Nashik has a lot more to offer. Once you cross the buildings of Mumbai and Thane, you will be welcomed by some of the beautiful panorama.

This road trip is even sexier in the night. Why? Because, you can see what Bombay seldom offers. You can see millions of stars in the sky. They look so beautiful. Untouched by pollution.

Moreover, the smooth highways let’s you enjoy your road trip to the fullest! You could play all sorts of games and there would never be a dull moment.

So, go for it!



#2 Visit Pandavleni Caves


Pandavleni Pandavleni1 Pandavleni2

Now this is something we could do and didn’t.


Because, stairs!!!

Yes, you will have to climb a lot of stairs to reach to these caves. Seriously, a lot! Moreover, they are these long, old stairs. Thus, the journey was like- climb, walk 3 steps, climb again. It was tiring! I gave up after what looked like 4 floors. In my defence, the view from there looked incredible too. So, no fuss.

Anyway, two of my extremely fit and determined friends did go till the end. They claim that the caves were extremely beautiful, and the view too seemed great.

Let me warn you, it will take you more than 30 minutes to climb those stairs.

So, go for it you fitness freak!



#3 Spend a Day in Sula Vineyards



People these days relate Nashik to Sula Vineyards like it was always meant to be. And why shouldn’t they?

Sula Vineyards has beautified Nashik immensely. You must stroll the long, hot farms of Sula Vineyards at least once in your life. Nah! I’m kidding. Do it over and over again. It’s amazing!

What you must also do is go to the Sula fest. It’s so lively, that you’ll finally feel like you’re doing things right in your life. There’s Wine, music, dancing, and so much enthusiasm around, that there’s no dull moment!



#4 Visit Dudhsagar Falls



Waterfalls are instant happiness. There’s so much of freshness around a waterfall that you’re bound to instantly feel happy.

To make your trip to Nashik a complete journey, you must visit Dudhsagar waterfalls. It’s clean, fresh and will make a perfect background for your pictures!

Getting soaked in Dudhsagar waterfalls will rejuvenate you like nothing else. This is a must do. All you need is 2 hours to enjoy the weather at Dudhsagar falls.



#5 Trek on Anjaneri Hills


Anjaneri hills

Thought Nashik ain’t enough to please your appetite for a perfect vacation? Think again!

Nashik offers you everything from a marvellous road trip to some of the most intrepid trekking locations. Yes, trekking on Anjaneri hills is an experience every trek enthusiast must have.

Anjaneri hills are 20kms away from Nashik, but worth the detour. The best thing to do is, drink a few cups of local Nashik tea and just go for it!


Overall, Nashik is a fun trip to take. If nothing works out, good company always will. Thus, before packing your bag make sure that you’re taking the right people with you!

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