5 Things You Must Do In Nashik!

Nashik is one of Maharashtra’s must visit city. But, the same can turn out to be a disastrous trip if you do not know what to do there.

What kind of traveller will just get up, back their bags and go to Nashik? It would be the lamest thing to do!

I did it, and am not proud of what I did. We sure did have a great trip, but we couldn’t see much of Nashik as we lacked planning. The weather was great, the tea of Nashik is sure something I will miss everyday. But, what I shall miss the most are the places I never visited.

As a responsible travel blogger, I believe I must give you guys a heads up.

Nashik is beautiful. Period. It sure has a lot to offer. All we need is an eye for it’s beauty. After coming home from what seemed like an incomplete vacation, I researched a lot about famous things to do in Nashik, and sightseeing around Nashik. This made the trip I took to Nashik so much worthless. But, the fun fact is that it wasn’t that worthless a trip. We had our share of fun, and I think that’s what matters in the end.

Any how, here are 5 things you must do in Nashik no matter what-


#1 Mumbai to Nashik Road Trip



Now this is something am happy to have done on my visit to Nashik!

Mumbai to Nashik road trip is definitely a must. Sure there are other ways to get to Nashik, cheaper ways but, this road trip is beyond compare.

With the sexiest highway to drive on, road trip to Nashik has a lot more to offer. Once you cross the buildings of Mumbai and Thane, you will be welcomed by some of the beautiful panorama.

This road trip is even sexier in the night. Why? Because, you can see what Bombay seldom offers. You can see millions of stars in the sky. They look so beautiful. Untouched by pollution.

Moreover, the smooth highways let’s you enjoy your road trip to the fullest! You could play all sorts of games and there would never be a dull moment.

So, go for it!



#2 Visit Pandavleni Caves


Pandavleni Pandavleni1 Pandavleni2

Now this is something we could do and didn’t.


Because, stairs!!!

Yes, you will have to climb a lot of stairs to reach to these caves. Seriously, a lot! Moreover, they are these long, old stairs. Thus, the journey was like- climb, walk 3 steps, climb again. It was tiring! I gave up after what looked like 4 floors. In my defence, the view from there looked incredible too. So, no fuss.

Anyway, two of my extremely fit and determined friends did go till the end. They claim that the caves were extremely beautiful, and the view too seemed great.

Let me warn you, it will take you more than 30 minutes to climb those stairs.

So, go for it you fitness freak!



#3 Spend a Day in Sula Vineyards



People these days relate Nashik to Sula Vineyards like it was always meant to be. And why shouldn’t they?

Sula Vineyards has beautified Nashik immensely. You must stroll the long, hot farms of Sula Vineyards at least once in your life. Nah! I’m kidding. Do it over and over again. It’s amazing!

What you must also do is go to the Sula fest. It’s so lively, that you’ll finally feel like you’re doing things right in your life. There’s Wine, music, dancing, and so much enthusiasm around, that there’s no dull moment!



#4 Visit Dudhsagar Falls



Waterfalls are instant happiness. There’s so much of freshness around a waterfall that you’re bound to instantly feel happy.

To make your trip to Nashik a complete journey, you must visit Dudhsagar waterfalls. It’s clean, fresh and will make a perfect background for your pictures!

Getting soaked in Dudhsagar waterfalls will rejuvenate you like nothing else. This is a must do. All you need is 2 hours to enjoy the weather at Dudhsagar falls.



#5 Trek on Anjaneri Hills


Anjaneri hills

Thought Nashik ain’t enough to please your appetite for a perfect vacation? Think again!

Nashik offers you everything from a marvellous road trip to some of the most intrepid trekking locations. Yes, trekking on Anjaneri hills is an experience every trek enthusiast must have.

Anjaneri hills are 20kms away from Nashik, but worth the detour. The best thing to do is, drink a few cups of local Nashik tea and just go for it!


Overall, Nashik is a fun trip to take. If nothing works out, good company always will. Thus, before packing your bag make sure that you’re taking the right people with you!

To book a homestay in Nashik, contact us here, or email at-

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A Savory Meal – Prawns Dry Curry

I was enjoying a cooking show the other day when the chef mentioned how people dislike having prawns due to its smell. It made me wonder if these people are for real. I fail to understand people who dislike prawns, it’s like my mind fails to register them. I mean how can anyone dislike Prawns. They are almost every non-vegetarians delight. It tastes like magic, so succulent, and luscious.

Moreover, it can be cooked in myriad ways! Still didn’t get my love for Prawns? I LOVE THEM! Want to win my heart? Get me prawns!

As a Maharashtrian kid who grew up eating different delicacies of Prawns, I can never have enough of Prawns. So, as new year rolled in I decided to make what I make the best – Prawns Dry Curry.

Feature image

After having tons of regional and international cuisines of Prawns, I realized there were so many reasons to adore this delicious sea food. For me, it simply doesn’t matter the way my Prawns are cooked. The fact that a dish has prawns in it is enough to make me ecstatic. I have to eat every dish with prawns in it.

My mother has made all kinds of prawns since my childhood, but I absolutely adore what my granny made for me. It was this dry curry. She made it with so much love and care that nobody could match her recipe. You could eat this dry curry with roti, naan, chappati, bhakri or simply with rice. As I’m cutting down on Gluten, I ate it with rice. This prawns dry curry is made with lots of onions, tomatoes, curd and an egg. Yes, an egg!

As new year came by, I suddenly craved for this dry prawns recipe. We had used all our non-veg raw material, and there were no prawns to carry out this recipe. My visit to the local market on the first Sunday of the new year turned out to be a total bliss. I came across some lush and meaty prawns, plus they were cheap! I had to buy them. I cannot justify in words how happy these prawns made me feel. I did a minion dance on seeing them, of course in my head.

So, after coming back home happy and content with my buy, I started on the recipe instantly!

This prawns dry curry takes very little preparation, and still is one of the best prawns recipe you would indulge in your life. Try this recipe and give your new year’s a delighted start!



Cooking time: 30 mins

Serves: 3 to 4 people


15 to 20 medium sized de-veined Prawns

Olive oil

Crushed garlic

4 to 5 sliced onions

2 green chillies, chopped

1 red chilli, roughly broken into pieces

Finely chopped onions

Turmeric powder

Red Chilli Powder

Coriander Powder

Garam Masala

Bottled Masala (Every Maharashtrian has an unique bottle of masala)

Half cup curd

Salt & Pepper to taste

Finely chopped Coriander leaves


Start with heating olive oil in a thick pan. Add 2 tbsp of crushed garlic to the pan, let it cook for 2 minutes on low heat. Ensure that you don’t burn the garlic.

After your garlic is done, add finely chopped onions and let them cook for good 5 to 7 minutes / till they become translucent. Add chopped chillies to the pan, and stir this well for about 20 seconds.

Make a small space in the middle of the pan, add a tbsp of oil (if necessary) in the small space. Once the oil is hot enough, add the powdered spices as per taste. To my recipe I added 1 tbsp of turmeric powder, 2 tbsp of red chilli powder, 1/2 tbsp of corriander powder, 1/2 tbsp of Garam Masala, and 2 tbsp of Bottled Masala.

If you don’t have bottled masala, you can use Chicken Masala or Tandoor Masala for variation of taste.

Let the masala cook for 4 to 5 minutes on low heat.

Once the masala seems done, add chopped tomatoes and let them cook for another 3 to 4 minutes on low heat. Make sure you cover your pan to aid cooking faster.

It’s time to add the prawns! Add your prawns along with half cup curd to this red hot concoction and sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste. Mix this well and let it cook until the prawns are done. This will take good 5 to 7 minutes on medium heat.

This is what my grandma made me. Simple prawns dry curry. Add chopped coriander leaves to this and you’re good to go!

But, there is more to my version. After my prawns are done, I turn up the heat to high and add an egg to the pan. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on this and stir this well for a minute. Turn the heat to low, add some chopped coriander leaves and let it cook for a minute.

Turn off the heat once done and enjoy this prawns dry curry with rice!

You can obviously enjoy this with roti, or bhakri, or any kind of flat-breads.

Enjoy your meal!


Restaurant Review #3: The Homemade Cafe


The Homemade Cafe is all about Food, Water, Books. You know, the essentials!




Every bookworm may not be a foodie, but The Homemade Cafe is a place to be in for those who are. With literally the best books to tease your brain, this cafe exists to win your heart.

The Homemade Cafe is relatively new to Mumbai but by the looks of it has rooted itself deep in the city. The gorgeousness of the place is enough to allure people of all ages to come and relax amidst food and books.

So, let’s begin with where is The Homemade Cafe located?

The cafe is located on the main Oshiwara road to awe every passer by. The Homemade Cafe is so alluring that you would be blind to miss it while passing by. The floral upholstery, blue exteriors, the chalk board and the beautiful, white Christmas tree (temporary) is impossible to dislike. This cafe is a venture by three friends, with roots in Bollywood. Thus, it never fails to look beautiful. Be it with the exteriors, the interiors or on the plate!

The-Homemade-Cafe IMG_20151112_191807


Let’s jump to how good the food is-

I must say that this cafe is blessed with the most creative chef and an interesting menu. The menu serves everything from scrumptious breakfast to Goan Fish curry with Basmati rice.

As they claim that they cook food that tastes similar to what you eat back home, we thought of giving some of it a try. After trying quite a few dishes, we have to agree that the food does make you nostalgic. It’s just like back at home, with some of the best dishes. Overall, you’re bound to fall in love with the food there!

IMG_20151225_164710 IMG_20151225_164324 IMG_20151112_184516


Must eat food when at The Homemade Cafe-

I highly recommend- Cold Coffee, Eggs Benedict, Penne in Porcini Cream Sauce, Chicken Fingers with Mustard Mayo, Goan Fish curry and Sri Lankan Curry.

Want to know the best part? The Homemade Cafe kitchen introduces a new dish almost every week. A plus for foodies like me to visit it over and over again!



When should you visit The Homemade Cafe?

When you’re missing Europe! The exterior of this cafe brings Europe to Bombay. Apart from this, you must visit The Homemade Cafe when you want to indulge in good food, and spend quality time with your loved ones!

When should you avoid visiting The Homemade Cafe?

When you’re actually craving for desserts. The Homemade Cafe is a great place but, it doesn’t really offer you the best of desserts. In fact, they have only one on their menu. You gotta check with the chef for the dessert.

Otherwise, it’s an amazing cafe to hangout with friends!

And look! I spotted Prof. Trelawny practising Divination.

And look! I spotted Prof. Trelawny practising Divination.

They give your cheque in a book! Oh how they don't want you to leave!

They give your cheque in a book! Oh how they don’t want you to leave!

IMG_20151112_191754 IMG_20151112_190039 IMG_20151112_190032


Want to know where to eat your desserts after visiting The Homemade Cafe? Go here!

Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse

An Ultimate Guide To Must-Eat Desserts In Mumbai!

Do you know which part of the meal 82 per cent of people dining at a restaurant look forward to?

It’s the Dessert!

Mumbai has no shortage of desserts, but how many are you willing to try after a meal? There’s always a risk of ordering something you will end up regretting.

So, what are the sweets you need to know to espy how we do desserts in this amazing city? We asked ourselves the same question a few days back, and then we got to tasting.

We took suggestions from family, friends, colleagues, and also from you – our readers! I would like to thank each one of you for your lovely suggestions. We had a fun time tasting dessert after dessert to find these lip smacking desserts in Mumbai.

This is a kind of list every person with a craving for sweets must add to his / her bucket list. For we are sure, by the end of this list, you would probably want to head out to eat one of these desserts.


What’s the wait for? Dive in and enjoy these jaw-droppingly delicious desserts in Mumbai.


1. Death by Chocolate at Café Pico


desserts in Mumbai

It’s not easy to just take one bite and leave this plate full of heaven to rest. Once you start hogging this little dessert, you will stop only after the plate gets crystal clean.


2. Red Velvet at LSD


desserts in Mumbai


Red Velvet has mixed reviews, and I don’t understand why. I know people who like Red Velvet from a certain place, and hate it from somewhere else.

To put you out of this misery we suggest you try the Red Velvet at LSD. This cupcake is so delicious you will end up taking some home!


3. The Classic Chocolate Fondue at Haagen Dazs


desserts in Mumbai


Anything with a Chocolate Fondue has to be good. Thus, the classic chocolate fondue at Haagen Dazs definitely tops my list of must eat desserts in Mumbai.

Indulge in the amazing warmth of the Chocolate Fondue served with Crepes, Macarons, Waffles, Brownies, Mini Scoops of Ice-cream, and so much more. This Classic Chocolate Fondue is definitely a meal by itself!


4. Whiskey Pate at Indigo Deli


desserts in Mumbai


Anything with a touch of alcohol can get you addicted to it. Thus, beware of this delectable Whiskey Pate at Indigo Deli for it’s not just delicious beyond measure, it’s addictive beyond relinquish.

Need a kick? This dessert is enough to give you a kick in the mouth, and make you go mmmm!


5. Baileys Mousse Cake at Leo’s Boulangerie


desserts in Mumbai


Speaking of alcoholic desserts, it would be extremely unfair to not mention Baileys Mousse Cake at Leo’s Boulangerie. This is one dessert you must have in Mumbai!

As a matter of fact, whenever in doubt go for any dessert with Baileys in it!


6. Hazelnut Mousse Flan at Salt Water Café


desserts in Mumbai


Salt Water Café, a place where the desserts compete with one another. It’s difficult to pick one dessert from their menu, and present it as the most delicious. We still did manage to pick one; the Hazelnut Mousse Flan steals the show with Hazelnut crisps at the base, and the crumbly crust.


7. Layered Tiramisu Cheesecake at Love and Cheesecake


desserts in Mumbai


Do you happen to love coffee? Then, you’re in for a lovely, rich treat.

This layered Tiramisu Cheesecake is ravishing, strong, and indulgent. With a rich taste of Coffee, this dessert is here to win hearts of coffee gourmet.


8. Blueberry Cheesecake at Love and Cheesecake


desserts in Mumbai


When at Love and Cheesecake it’s a must to order the Blueberry Cheesecake. No matter where do you come from, this dessert is a must eat in Mumbai. Simply because it’s rich taste perfectly matches with the rich ambience of the city.


9. Nutella Cupake at The Boston Cupcakery


desserts in Mumbai


The cupcakes at The Boston Cupcakery are pure bliss. The Boston Cupcakery is a cute shop that serves extremely cute and delicious little cupcakes. Eating their Nutella Cupcake will make you fall in love with cupcakes.

For a complete dessert-y experience, upgrade your cupcake to a sundae or a shake!


10. Oreo Choco Chunk Brownie at Theobroma


desserts in Mumbai


An Oreo and a brownie when mixed together present one of the most soul pleasing desserts. Oreo alone or with anything else has the ability to take you for a ride.

The Oreo Choco Chunk at Theobroma is definitely a people pleaser. Go get your share now before they sell out for the day!


11. Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse at Yauatcha


desserts in Mumbai


The first thing you notice on entering Yauatcha is their dessert counter. That’s absolute brilliance on their part! Yauatcha is known for its fine food, but do not ever leave without indulging in some dessert. The desserts here are known to finish the meal!

The Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse is one such dessert you must indulge in at Yauatcha. It’s rich in taste and is the best Hazelnut Mousse in Mumbai; but you must stop ogling at the dessert to experience the richness!


12. Chocolate Decadence Cupcake at Picollo Tortini


desserts in Mumbai


Picollo Tortini is a true gem in hiding, accompanied with the most eye pleasing desserts there are in Mumbai. Picollo Tortini never fails to deliver when it comes to Italian food and desserts. The Chocolate Decadence Cupcake is one such dessert.

So, go dig into this chocolate rich dessert served in the most royal style.


13. The Flower Pot at Jamjar Diner


desserts in Mumbai


Jamjar Diner surprises you since the minute you step in!

With The Flower Pot dessert you’re sure in for a treat. Don’t go by the looks, this is a completely edible dessert served in a flower pot. This dessert won’t stop surprising you until the end! With the soft Marshmallow, and the Oreo crumbs to surprise you, this flower pot must be explored by every dessert paramour.


14. Gooey Chocolate at Guilt Trip


desserts in Mumbai


Guilt trip may be a tiny place but, it serves some of the yummiest desserts in town. Be it brownies, cheesecakes or cupcakes, they will allure you into eating them. When around Carter Road, do visit Guilt trip for its little treats.

For the desserts here are worth the Guilt Trip!


15. Ghewar Cheesecake from Masala Library


desserts in Mumbai


I love when someone goes ahead and puts together the best dishes from around the world. Masala Library won my heart with its Ghewar Cheesecake. This is a unique take on the Roman Cheesecake, it comes with a Ghewar base, topped with rabdi and garnished with pistachios.

Definitely a must have dessert in Mumbai!


16. Gulab Nut at The Bombay Canteen


desserts in Mumbai


There’s not one soul alive who hates Gulab Jamun! Know of any? They’re fooling you, they’re dead inside!

Anyway, so we all love Gulab Jamun. Now, The Bombay Canteen decided to gift us with a little something. They wanted to make it special, and so they added magic to this little dessert.

The Gulab Nut from TBC, is filled with Old Monk! Nope, no kidding! The dessert literally is spiked with Old Monk, making it one of the must-eat desserts in Mumbai!


17. Jalebi Caviar at Masala Library


desserts in Mumbai


Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra has been the talk of the town for its unique way of jazzing traditional dishes up. Jalebi Caviar is one such delicacy by Jiggs Kalra and his team. Instead of making the Jalebi in the traditional way, Jiggs Kalra and team added a chic turn to this dessert.

The Jalebi has been interestingly shrunk into tiny boondi-style balls, and presented in a pool of Rabri which is further garnished with crushed Pistachio. It goes without saying that this entire caboodle is extremely delectable.

Now this is one dessert in Mumbai you shouldn’t miss!


Did we miss your favourites? Then, do suggest them in the comments below. We are definitely looking to upgrade this list!


Recipe: Delectable Oreo Chocolate Cake!

The idea behind baking a cake came into existence because of my urge to create something interesting. I didn’t exactly think I could bake a cake, but turns out I can.
I saw people with no former classes in baking, bake.

I saw them create the most interesting looking desserts. That intrigued me into watching videos after videos on baking. I must have read over a dozen of articles on baking a cake before actually getting serious about this idea.
So, I had to bake a cake.

Let me break it to you, it’s not easy for a first timer and it’s okay to cheat.
My sister had some former experience in baking and knew a few tips and tricks on baking. This was where I first cheated. I took help. This is okay too, for a first timer. We weren’t in a competition anyway!

Thus, half the credit for baking this beautiful Oreo Chocolate Cake goes to my sister. She is good at what she does!

Are you wondering; Why should you stick till the end of this recipe?

Here’s why:

1. It’s a dream cake for every Oreo lover. It has crushed Oreo on the top, in the middle, and we have mixed Oreo powder with the cake powder mixture. That’s Oreo heaven for me.

2. It’s extremely easy to make. I have cheated a lot.

Now, coming back to the real purpose of this article:

Recipe to my very own version of Oreo Chocolate Cake.

Ingredients for the cake:

2 large eggs
42 ml of oil
Powdered Sugar
Powdered Oreo’s
125 ml of Water
Pillsbury Rich Chocolate Cake Mix (This is where I cheated)
And Vanilla Essence

Steps to bake the cake:

1. Start with Pre heating the oven at 170 degree Celsius, Grease an oval or rectangular pan with oil / butter and sprinkle this with little all-purpose flour.

2. Take out a deep oval shaped bowl and mix the cake mixture, oil, egg liquid, Oreo powder, powdered sugar, Vanilla Essence and water. You can mix this mixture with a spoon or with a hand mixture. Mix it for about 2 to 3 minutes or until you see a smooth mixture sans any lumps.

3. Put this mixture into the greased bowl and bake it for 30 to 35 minutes at 170 degree Celsius.




Here’s a little tip for you to check if your cake is completely baked:

Carefully remove the cake out of the oven, put a knife through the centre of the cake and slowly remove it back out. If the knife comes clean, it indicates that your cake is completely baked. If not, go on baking till the knife comes out clean.

(TIP: Tiny crumbs of sponge on the knife are not to be worried about.)
Once your cake is completely baked, let it rest for about 30 minutes before you shift it on a wire rack. Let it rest for another 2 hours before icing it.

A sponge cake is worthless sans delectable icing; let’s get started with the icing-


Whip cream
Melted Chocolate
Powdered Sugar
Vanilla Essence
Crumbs of Oreo’s

Steps to make the icing:

Take a large mixing bowl. To a small cup of whip cream add about a small cup of melted chocolate, powdered sugar as per taste, and vanilla essence. Mix this mixture till it doesn’t foam up, or till about 3 to 4 minutes.
It’s important you make the icing prior to the cake and refrigerate it for good 6 hours before using it on the cake.

The last and crucial step:

1. Once the cake is well rested on the wire frame, cut it into two halves and shift one of them on the cake board.
2. Layer both the halves with a generous amount of icing and spread some crushed Oreo’s on the cake board half. Place the other half on the cake board half.





3. Take some generous amount of icing on a spatula and start covering the cake from the sides to the top. Continue icing till you don’t cover the entire cake with icing.
4. Once done, spread some crushed Oreo’s on the top of your cake.


5. Refrigerate the cake for an hour or two before serving.
*Best before 3 days.

That’s it.

I must admit, explaining how to bake this Oreo Chocolate Cake was way more difficult than actually baking it.

Do read some more articles on baking an Oreo Chocolate Cake, just like this one, before attempting to bake one. Video’s help too.

This was my first attempt at baking, so do not trust this recipe blindly. Take as much help from the internet as you can.
But, this recipe does make me proud of my first ever Oreo Chocolate Cake!


Restaurant Review #2 : Zaffran.

How do you know you’re going to eat some delectable food in a restaurant?

Dine at Zaffran, for the most flavorful food, and trendy Indianised Dining (So they say!). Zaffran specializes in Mughlai, North Indian and Tandoori and they absolutely do justice to what they have on offer.

You do not have to worry about travelling half way around Mumbai to enjoy a meal at Zaffran. Why?

Because, Zaffran has more than one outlet in Mumbai. Thus, no matter where you’re in the city, you will have a Zaffran outlet somewhere close to you.

Zaffran Locations:

Infinity Mall, Malad West

R City Mall, Ghatkopar West

Mathuradas Mills, Lower Parel

Growell’s 101 Mall, Kandivali East

Hill Road, Bandra West

Crawford Market, CST

Inorbit Mall, Vashi

Korum Mall, Thane West

Do you see my point now? It doesn’t matter where you’re, you will find Zaffran!

Moreover, this also proves the success of the restaurant. If it didn’t do well, they wouldn’t dare open 8 outlets all around the city. News has it Zaffran is soon opening an outlet at Infinity, Mumbai. A balle-balle situation for people like me living close to Infinity Mall!

The ambience at Zaffran is royal; they leave you feeling as if you come from a royal background. Not just the ambience, but the staff there too is extremely patient and treats the customers like a gem!

That’s all about the staff and ambience, but am sure you must be wondering;

What about the food?

Mouthwatering. Eye Pleasing. Delectable. Beyond Compare.

These adjectives are just not enough to compliment the food at Zaffran! The food melts in your mouth; you cannot help but go ‘mmmm….’ after the first bite!

Here’s their entire Menu –




Here’s what I had on my visit there –




Dum Murg Shorba: Was it good? It was soothing! The soup felt like elixir to my body. The chicken was fresh and the soup was just the right quantity. Being the way I’m, I can get full on a soup! So, 1 by 2 is the way for all my soups.

Rating: 8.5/10

In starters we ordered,

Pudhina Paneer Tikka: It was lovely. I just wish it was a bit more on the spicier side. But, the rest of the meal covered up for Pudhina Paneer Tikka. #TeamWorkYouSee 😛

Rating: 6.5/10

Murg Zaffrani Tikka: This is a bit spicy, and is made in tandoor. Well, we ordered this dish as we believe in going with what the restaurant thinks they make the best. Every restaurant has their own set of specialties; Murg Zaffrani Tikka was one of the pièce de résistance of Zaffran.

Rating: 9/10

Lasooni Prawns: I blindly support what they say about this dish, it’s not the usual but it’s worth a try. It smells so tempting; you cannot wait for the waiter to leave before you start eating.

Rating: 10/10

In main course we were served,

Murg Anarkali: This dish has a rich taste of tomato. Well because, it’s base is tomato puree! Murg Anarkali with Butter Roti is a must have at Zaffran!

Rating: 8/10

Murg Biryani: The name says it’s going to be a plain, usual chicken biryani. But, it’s not! The Murg Biryani at Zaffran will leave you licking your fingers!

Rating: 10/10

This is all we had. Well, this may seem like a lot but for a team of three we believe we overate!

Lamentably, we couldn’t stick around for desserts as we had a meeting to attend and were super full with the entire meal. But, we have heard that the Caramel Custard, Chocolate Gateau, Rasmalai, Brownie with Choc Sauce are some of the hot favorite desserts at Zaffran. Thus, you can select either one of them to finish off your meal on a sweet note.

Zaffran offers you with a lot of variety in Tandoor, North Indian and Mughlai and thus we insist you pay them a visit soon!

Overall rating: 8.5/10

Did you ever eat at a Zaffran outlet? We would love to know your take on them in the comments below!

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The Lil Flea, 2015!

The Lil Flea edition 5 undoubtedly was one of the best edition so far. With people buzzing in and out all three days of this fest, it sure rocked the event.

The Lil Flea was located at the Reclamation Ground, BKC, and was live for three days. It started getting attention right from Day 1, the entire weekend turned out to be a huge success for The Lil Flea and the stores in The Lil Flea.

The Lil Flea was literally a Shoppers Paradise!



With stores selling the most creative and unique items, it was difficult to decide what to buy and what not. There were stalls for home and decor, stationery, nursery, men and women’s clothing as well as accessories! One trip throughout the location was just not enough. We must have walked throughout the ground thrice and still found ourselves facing new stores and exciting things.

The owners were smart enough to add an ATM machine at The Lil Flea. All the items were so reasonably charged you couldn’t resist buying them. Moreover, some lovely store owners were ready to give me a discount. #LoveThemForThat!




I believe The Lil Flea brings a sense of creativity and innovation in our lives. With everybody going nuts purchasing day to day things with a twist, they all welcomed creativity in their lives in some way or the other.

The event was well organized and I personally loved the way it was decorated. Every store had their own set of lights and most of them were decorated in lovely fairy lights. The cherry of the event was the Live Music Concert, young talents performed so beautifully that I’m still hungover on some of their songs. The best part was people from all ages were enjoying the music there! They sat in front of the stage, applauded and sang with the performers making it all the more energetic and fun to watch!

If you’re a foodie, you would be mad to not eat at The Lil Flea. There were food stalls of all sorts. From Waffle on a stick to Mojito in enormous cups, you had it all. It was one hell of an event.

I believe half of Mumbai spent their weekend here at The Lil Flea, and why wouldn’t they! With the hottest art and the most soothing ambience, The Lil Flea was the star of this Weekend!

Check out these pictures we clicked at The Lil Flea!







Look at them. Sitting comfortably enjoying the concert! It was all so lovely!







Were you there too? Great! We would love to hear from you.

You can get in touch with us here.


Makeup & Beauty Product Review #1: Ruby Woo by MAC!

Hey there!

A lot of people have been asking us to review beauty products and thus here it goes!

The high heel talk promises to bring you the most honest beauty product reviews along with its team of talented content writers.

The review of the beauty product below is the most honest, and impartial. We speak from our own experience of using the product! So, let’s begin!


Product: Lipstick

Brand: MAC Cosmetics

Shade: Ruby Woo

Price: INR 1450/-


So, I've certain ways of applying a lip color. In this image I applied MAC Ruby Woo and coated it with a dash of Powder. For a lighter tone of the lip color.

So, I’ve certain ways of applying a lip color. In this image I applied MAC Ruby Woo and coated it with a dash of Powder. For lighter tone of the lip color.

MAC has been all over the Indian market and we thought why not review if it’s worth the buzz. As many of you have already asked me about this product by Mac through various mediums (Instagram DM’s, Facebook messages, online chats, and I’ve also got few emails!), you must know my opinion about it.

None the less, we are reviewing the product elaborately to help you figure out if it’s the right match for you.

MAC makeup and beauty products offer pretty amazing lipstick shades, different shades for different skin tones! I believe lipstick colors last for a certain phase in life. I had a phase when I was obsessed with orange color; I own 3 different brands of the same shade (Vegas Volt from MAC is still my favourite!). I’m currently obsessed with Red! I could kill for it!


I'm so obsessed with the color, I just can't imagine not wearing it on! This shade is darker because I applied two strokes of the lip color.

I’m obsessed with the color, I just can’t imagine not wearing it on! This shade looks darker because I applied two strokes of the lip color.

MAC has these amazing shades in Red, viz. Ruby Woo, Russian Red, Impassioned, Lady Danger, Heartless, Dubonnet, Dare you, Cockney and many more!

Let’s focus on our Product of honour; Ruby Woo by Mac!

Ruby Woo comes with a Matte finish, and the texture is sure to make you fall in love with it. It’s perfect for all occasions. Come on, it’s red! It will look hot on any look. I fail to understand why many girls shy away from matte finishes. It’s less fussy, your hair won’t stick to your lipstick (Yeah, you will start loving the wind), and matte finish is so much sexier than glossy!


Ruby woo by MAC is so rich in texture, you wouldn’t need gloss to make it pop out.

Just one stroke of MAC lipstick will get you the promised lip color. This shade has super rich pigmentation and if you don’t want too dark a color, you should stick to one stroke!

You must be thinking,

All this is okay but how long does it last for?

This lipstick lasts for good 8 hours, unless you fiddle with it! Basically, it tends to fade away when you eat or drink something. That’s given, isn’t it?


As is evident with this picture, you do not need any makeup, Ruby Woo is just enough!

As is evident with this picture, you do not need any makeup, Ruby Woo is just enough!


Rating: 8.5/10

Why not 10? Well, I just wish it was a bit cheaper!

Anyway, the overall experience is quite satisfactory. It’s my run-to makeup when I’ve a sudden date or occasion to go to!

I recommend MAC Ruby Woo to anyone looking to have some fun in life and a craving for hot red lip color!


53 Quotes That Are Way Better Than Your Therapist!

How many times in a month do you go looking for quotes?

Many, I’m sure!

I believe that’s the best thing to do. Instead of visiting that super expensive therapist of yourself, read the below quotes and get your stuff together.

They are sure to bring wit, inspiration, epiphany, impetus and spur back in your life.

Before you give up remind yourself that,

Life is breathing in and out, stop complicating it! – Ankita Patil

So, let’s stop everything else, read the below quotes, and feel better. :)

1 copy


2. Enjoy the little things in life…for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.



4. Because when you stop and look around this life is pretty amazing.




6. Add life to your days, not days to your life.





8. Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures!




10. Traveling in the company of those we love is home in motion :)




12. One walks through life much easier with a smile on their face.




14. Worrying won’t stop the bad stuff from happening, it just stops you from enjoying the good.




16.We are new every day.




18. Whatever you are, always be a good one!




20. I have found that if you love life, life will love you back. :)




22. All that we are is a result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.




24. Never ever apologise for things that make you HAPPY!




26. When you know your worth, no one can make you feel worthless.




28. Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and focus on what could go right.




30. Oh yes the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.




32. Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.




34. “I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.” – J.K.Rowling




36. Don’t ruin a good today because of a bad yesterday.




38. Your mistakes don’t define you.




40. “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: IT GOES ON!” – Robert Frost



42. Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.




44. Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.




46. Forget all the reasons why it won’t work, and believe the one reason why it will!




48. It’s amazing how far you’re willing to go when someone believes in you.




50. Better a life full of childish dreams than a dreamless life.



52. If it’s meant to be, it will be!




Now go do the things you were procrastinating to forever. Remember, now is all you have!
Northern Tadka

Northern Tadka: Home For Delightful North Indian Delicacies!

Want to gorge on North Indian cuisine?


Then, Northern Tadka is your cue to delectable North Indian dishes. I’ve been to a lot of restaurants that serve North Indian cuisine but, nothing was as satisfying as this restaurant.

Northern Tadka; spread across three different locations in Mumbai, is known to have mouth-watering starters and delicious North Indian food. I recently visited a chain of this restaurant in Andheri-west, and realized how much I love the food and the service here. I have been to Northern Tadka quite a few times now, and have also ordered in from Northern Tadka through FoodPanda! It’s more or less becoming a second home for me and my family.

As I realized all of this, I asked myself what is it about Northern Tadka that has me visiting it over and over again.

It wasn’t rocket science to figure out the answer! So, I answered myself a second after asking the question!

The beguiling service, appealing and homely interiors, and the absolutely eye-pleasing and mouth-watering food got me coming again and again to Northern Tadka. The music they play and the dim lights have an extremely soothing effect on one’s mind. After a long day at work; isn’t relaxation what we all are looking for? Northern Tadka is great for unwinding after work, to loosen up and catch up with some friends.

They have elaborative food dishes on the menu, giving you lots of options to choose from. The starters are rich in taste, juicy, and worth every penny you pay. I have too many favorites to pen down but, Dhuaandar Murgh Tikka and Dilliwala Chilli Paneer have to be my absolute favorites.

In main course, I have often ordered the ultimate food delicacy of all time Murgh Tikka Biryani. They serve the biryani with good quantity of raita, which is like cherry on top of the cake! The biryani comes with good amount of gravy, and is absolutely delicious. Their Mithai section has limited options but, they are enough! With something as tempting as Jalebiyaan with Rabri, Malai Kulfi, Gulab Jamun could you need anything else? In fact, it’s difficult to zero down on one among these!

North Indian cuisine has a royal taste to it, which one instantly gets addicted to. I’m in absolute awe of this inexpensive restaurant, and I’m sure you will start loving it too!

You can now order food from FoodPanda with amazing deals on Northern Tadka!


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