17 Super Exotic Ice Creams in Mumbai! (Freakin’ Brilliant!)

Strawberry & Balsamic Ice Cream the sassy spoon

The best time for ice creams in Mumbai (or anywhere in the world!) is 24*7, 365!

With no winter season so to say, people in Bombay feel the need of enjoying a cool and refreshing scoop of their favourite ice creams all the time. Like seriously, all the time!

It is this ever-growing love of Mumbaites for ice creams that is encouraging established and upcoming players in the food business to constantly experiment and come up with flavours that are exotic, and at the same time satiate the taste buds of people.

Having said so, it won’t be wrong to say that perhaps Mumbai is the best place in the country to try out ice creams that are unique in their preparation and taste like nothing you have had before.

So, all you ice cream lovers out there start editing your priorities to try these 17 super exotic ice creams in Mumbai!

Take your pick!


1. Green Chilli Ice Cream at Bachelorr’s, Marine Drive


Ice creams in Mumbai


While the combination of infusing green chilli into an ice cream might sound bizarre; one bite off this ice cream is enough for you to feel heaven.

Such is the magic of the Green Chilli Ice Cream at Bachelor’s that people come from far off locations to try it. The sweetness of the ice cream and the kick of chilli that one gets in every bite is an experience you should definitely try at least once in Mumbai.


2. Blue Cheese & Honey Ice Cream at The Caramel Carousel, Bandstand


Ice creams in Mumbai


All you blue cheese lovers out there have one more reason to gorge on your favourite cheese!

Calling this ice cream divine would be an understatement! The creamy texture of the cheese combined with the sweetness of honey lifts this particular flavour of ice cream to a gourmet style dessert, making it one of the must eat ice creams in Mumbai!

3. Masala Chai Ice Cream at The Bombay Canteen


Ice creams in Mumbai


We in India love our cup of chai more than anything else. Give it to us at any given hour of the day and we feel as if we have achieved nirvana.

So, how about chai on a stick for a change?

An ice cream that tastes like chai, topped with cutting chai foam and served with cinnamon flavoured cookies. Even the harshest critic of chai is guaranteed to fall head over heels for this one. Pure Bliss!


 4. Cinnamon Chocolate Ice Cream at The Apsara, Thane West


Ice creams in Mumbai


Little joys of life are best enjoyed in the form of ice creams, and this Cinnamon Chocolate ice cream is way too good.

A simple yet a classic flavor; the Cinnamon Chocolate Ice Cream is made with fresh ingredients and boasts of no added preservatives. A thing that makes it a hit among the regulars at Apsara.


5. Smoked Avocado Ice Cream at Burma Burma Fort, MG Road


Ice creams in Mumbai


Exotic thy name is Smoked Avocado Ice Cream!

This one is like the platinum standard in the world of ice creams. The goodness of avocados now available in ice cream, guess this is one revolution the food industry was waiting for! Now that it is here, without much ado, just dig-in guys!


6. Jack Daniels Ice Cream at Bunglow 9, Bandra West


Ice creams in Mumbai


This is one heady cocktail your parents won’t say no to you for!

To top it, its taste would leave you wondering if you are high on the alcohol, or on the luscious taste of the ice cream. Wicked is the word!


7. Spicy Guava Ice Cream at Bina’s Homemade Ice cream, Chowpatty


Spicy Guava Ice Cream


It might sound like a strange flavor to try, but try you must!

Combining the sweet and tangy flavor of guava with the heat of chilli makes for one uniquely irresistible flavor in ice creams. Whoever came up with this idea, all we want to say to you is thank you!


8. Kolkata Meetha Ice Cream at Amaya Indian Grill and Kitchen, Phoenix Market City


Ice creams in Mumbai


Can’t decide whether to go for an ice cream, or a paan to end your meal with?

How about both?

No, we are not kidding!

Now, you can enjoy the taste of both in this uniquely flavoured ice cream called the Kolkata Meetha Ice Cream Paan. Filled with tiny bite sized pieces of things that are a staple to any sweet paan like gulukand, supari, sauf, sultana, coconut, and betel leaf!

This is one ice cream you would love to have after every meal!


9. Orange Apricot Ice Cream at Soam, Chowpatty


Ice creams in Mumbai


When you marry two good looking foods, the result born out of their union looks like this ice cream!

Both Apricot and Orange come packed with goodness of vitamins and other nutrients that are essential for our body, and hey, they taste good too!

So, when you come up with an ice cream flavour that has both of them in it, the result you get is a beautiful looking and rich tasting ice cream called Orange Apricot Ice Cream.

A match made in heaven indeed!

10. Green Tea Mochi at Kofuku, Linking Road


Ice creams in Mumbai


Tired of sipping green tea?

Then, eat it in the form of ice cream!

We are not saying it will help you detoxify or lose any weight, but it will definitely uplift you and leave you desiring for more.

Pretty addictive this one is, we say!


11. Beer Popsicles at White Owl, Lower Parel


Ice creams in Mumbai


They say there is nothing better than a chilled beer at the end of a long tiring day. Even better when it comes in the form of a frozen dessert, we say!

You can have a whole pack of it with zilch regret!

Chilling over Beer Popsicles over the weekend, sounds like a plan!

12. Bacon & Olive Oil Ice Cream at Mezzo Mezzo, JW Marriott, Juhu


Ice creams in Mumbai


For the calorie conscious, we dare you to not have it! For others, savour the taste of this delectable ice cream, because, WTF are calories! This perfect amalgamation of Bacon and Olive calls for sudden change in plan, doesn’t it?

13. Strawberry & Balsamic Ice Cream at The Sassy Spoon, Hill Road


Ice creams in Mumbai


This one can be touted as the most romantic story of the century!

Who would have thought that two things as different as a strawberry and balsamic can get together to create something as magical as this flavorful ice cream.

You’ve got to try this one to comprehend what exactly we are trying to say. Trust us, this one will leave you speechless. This dessert deserves to be on the must eat ice creams in Mumbai list!

14. Big Bang Theory at Joss & Umame, Churchgate


Strawberry & Balsamic Ice Cream the sassy spoon


Does science and study of cosmos give you a headache?

Not after you’ve tasted the Big Bang Theory, at Umame.

The chefs at Joss and Umame, prove that ice creams in mumbai never fail to surprise you, by simply putting their science to good use by creating this ice cream dessert that looks like a dream and taste like one too.

Assembled right on your table, this is one ice cream that you must have at least once in Mumbai. We are sure post this experience your love for science will increase manifold!


15. Dark Side of Ginger Ice Cream at Sucres Des Terres, Worli


Ice creams in Mumbai


A relatively new gourmet ice creamery in town, Sucres de Terres (sugars of the earth) serves mind-numbing bliss in mason jars.

A must try ice cream in their creamery is the Dark Side of Ginger (dark chocolate flavoured with tiny pieces of candied ginger). The ingredients used are all natural and of premium quality thus setting the place a step ahead of its contemporaries. You’ve got to visit this one for their to-die-for variety of frozen desserts.

*Updates plans for this weekend*


16. Drunken Waffles at Indigo Deli, Ghatkopar West



Ice creams in Mumbai


This one packs a mix of your childhood fantasies, and adult addictions in one tall glass.

Loaded with warm waffles, rum-n-raisins, chocolate ice cream, granola, jelly and fresh cream and a dash of rum anglaise; the Drunken Waffle is the new form of liquor Mumbaites are going nuts for.

Beware! It might get you addicted!


17. Mishti Doi Lollipops at Masala Library, Bandra


Ice creams in Mumbai


Kolkata’s favourite dessert now comes in the form of an ice cream too. This dessert is the brain child of Zorawar Kalra, who is the son of the legendary Jiggs Kalra! Mishti Doi Lollipop dessert has a unique quality about it in terms of the way it is presented on a stick and is also quite delectable.

A must try dessert at Masala Library, it had to make it to our must-eat ice creams in Mumbai list!


Take note, and update your ‘must-eat’ list, already!

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